Janine Anez has health problems in prison and needs medical checks

Janine Anez has health problems in prison and needs medical checks
This content was published on April 20, 2021 – 01:43

(Updated with new data on Onez’s health)

La Paz, April 19 (EFE). – Her lawyers said on Monday that the former interim president of Bolivia, Janine Anez, who has been imprisoned for more than a month in La Paz, requires urgent medical tests that will be conducted on Tuesday due to health problems. Review by private and state doctors.

A statement released today on the former president’s social media indicates that he “finds himself with a picture of hyperventilation, fever syndrome and severe stomach pain, which may be due to the possibility of kidney injury or other complications” that should be excluded. By means of required laboratory tests.

The statement said that these checks were “of an urgent nature” and should have been conducted on this day, which “was not possible due to the refusal of the prison government.”

The memo also condemns that in recent days there has been a “delay” in requests for admission of specialist doctors and laboratory equipment “to come to ñez, which” continues to harm his already delicate state of health. “

In the early hours of the day, a message was posted on the ex-women’s accounts on Facebook and Twitter reporting that “today Añez has provided compensation for his health,” for which he has requested the “prompt admission of private medical personnel” to the prison for review.

“We were told this morning that she had a fever, 39 degrees Celsius, vomiting and severe abdominal pain last night,” lawyer Ariel Coronado, a member of the team defending the former interim president, explained to Efe.

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For this reason, he added, permission for an internal medicine doctor was requested to enter the women’s prison in the La Paz neighborhood of Miraflores, where she is being held in pretrial detention.

The lawyer noted that whenever ñez requests a review of health issues, the authorities demand that it be “shared” between his private doctors and the doctors of the Prison System Directorate of the Ministry of Government (Interior).

The doctor was finally able to enter the prison in the middle of the afternoon, and Anez was asked to undergo supplementary laboratory tests, which will take place on Tuesday, according to local media.

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Anez was imprisoned more than a month ago in the so-called “coup” case based on allegations of conspiracy, sedition and terrorism during the political and social crisis that occurred at the end of 2019 that led to Morales’ resignation. Presidency of the Republic and canceling that year’s elections amid allegations of fraud.

The arrest of the former interim president and two of her former ministers sparked tensions between the government, which is defending its pursuit of “justice” in the face of what they consider a “coup” against Evo Morales, and the opposition denouncing the “persecution” policy, in addition to statements by international organizations calling for the respect of due process.

Last week also witnessed an argument between the ruling party and the opposition after a committee of deputies visited the prison.

Representatives of the ruling socialist movement asserted that the former president enjoys alleged privileges in prison, while opponents denounced the violation of many of her rights.

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A group of parliamentarians from the opposition blocs Comunidad Ciudadana and Kremos announced a trip to the United States to denounce in front of international bodies the “violation of the democratic system” and “political persecution” of the government of Louis Ars against opponents, the police and the army due to the 2019 crisis. EFE

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