Joe Biden is trying to expand the Democratic election map in the final days

Joe Biden is trying to expand the Democratic election map in the final days

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are crossing the United States with a itinerary on the final days of the election campaign, underscoring their hopes of “flipping” Republicans like Georgia, Iowa and Texas, which were not initially seen as rivals. Race.

In a sign of the growing optimism of his campaign, Mr Biden stopped his first campaign in Georgia on Tuesday in the southern state of Georgia, which has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since Bill Clinton in 1992. On Friday he will travel to Iowa to win President Donald Trump’s 2016 by more than nine points.

Analysts said visits to states where Democrats were not considered to be within its borders at the start of the election campaign underscored how positive Biden’s chances of winning the race were in the final days of the race.

The FD analysis of RealClear Politics poll data shows that Mr Biden has a 1.7 per cent lead in Iowa, while the state’s current Republican senator, Jodi Ernst, is behind Democrat challenger Theresa Greenfield in the poll. In Georgia, Mr Biden and President Donald Trump are statistically linked.

“They believe it is the endorsement of the Biden campaign that can win those states,” said Kyle Gondic of the University of Virginia Political Center. “In the end candidate time is their most valuable resource, and sends [Biden] Is to recognize that they are rivals for Georgia and Iowa. ”

Andra Gillespie, professor of political science at Emory University in Atlanta, said: “From a strategic point of view, if Joe Biden feels too comfortable, he is now forcing the Trump campaign to spend resources. [Georgia], They are resources that cannot be spent anywhere else. ”

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Mr. Biden’s running partner, M.S. Harris is expected to make his first campaign trip on Friday Texas, Is the stronghold of the Republican Party. Mr Biden is almost three points behind in the polls there, but some recent surveys and an explosion in the early polls have left Democrats cautiously optimistic about their chances.

According to a Financial Times analysis of RealClear Politics data, Mr Pitney is 8.6 points ahead of Mr Trump. But his margins are small in many of the volatile states that have the key to winning the Electoral College, including Pennsylvania, where FT analysis highlights Mr Pitney by 5.6 points.

The former U.S. vice president has made more trips to Pennsylvania than any other state since the Democratic National Convention in August.

Mr Trump has been visiting some of the war-torn states that he lost to Ms Clinton in 2016, but his campaign says he can beat Nevada and New Hampshire this time around. But his hectic travel schedule has received much attention Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin key to his success four years ago.

The president stopped in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska on Tuesday and will travel to Arizona and Nevada on Wednesday. He will hold a rally in North Carolina on Thursday, which he won by 3 points in 2016, but is now tied with Mr Biden.

Mr Biden’s visits to Georgia and Iowa were intended to inspire Democrats to run in U.S. Senate races against Republican positions. Democrats are seeking to regain control of the 100-member Senate from the Republicans, and Georgia is the only state in the United States where both seats compete.

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“Everyone, I can not tell you how important it is for us to flip the United States Senate,” Mr Biden told a drive – in rally in Atlanta on Tuesday evening. “There is no other state in that fight than Georgia. You have two competing seats and you have two top candidates.”

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Use FT Interactive calculator To see which states are most important in winning the presidency

Democrats’ campaign efforts have received a boost in recent days with the return of former US President Barack Obama to the campaign trail. According to Yuko, Mr Obama is the second most popular Democrat in the United States, behind another former president, Jimmy Carter.

Mr Obama campaigned for Mr Biden in Florida on Tuesday, his second visit to the state in less than a week. He reiterated his attacks on Mr Trump over his handling of the corona virus infection: “If he had focused on Govt from the beginning, the cases would not have reached new record levels.”

Many US states are experiencing an increase in corona virus cases In the hospital As temperatures drop, Americans spend more time indoors. More than 217,000 Americans have died of the corona virus this year, according to the Govt tracking program.

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