Junior NBA continues to help develop basketball in Latin America | NBA.com Mexico

Junior NBA continues to help develop basketball in Latin America |  NBA.com Mexico

The NBA continues to drive the development of sports around the world and Latin America is no exception. Through the Jr. NBA, the league continues to support basketball in the region, with a particular focus on school-age boys and girls and helping to spread the sport.

In this context, next Thursday, September 30, there will be virtual clinic (via the OWQLO app) Starring Jr. NBA World in Spanish at 4:00 PM in CDMX and 6:00 PM in Argentina. The clinic is open free of charge to all Latin American players and coaches and will host the former NBA player as special guests Baby SanchezThe Most Valuable Player in the 2021 CAF Basketball League Walter Hodge And a former WNBA player Carla Cortijo. Clinic hosts are journalists Alvaro Martin The former NBA champion Fabricio Oberto.

To register for the free clinic, you must follow these steps:

  • 1. Download the OWQLO app: https://owqlo.com/
  • 2. Choose JR NBA as an organization
  • 3. Registration with personal data
  • 4. Subscribe to Jr. NBA Latin America
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In addition to this virtual clinic, The National Basketball Association has had a direct impact on infrastructure in the communities of Rosario in Argentina and Arecibo in Puerto Rico. With two court remodeling.

The stadium was renovated by the NBA in Rosario at Urquiza Park It included spare parts and improvements to the general structure – flooring, panels, rings and grilles as well as work on the adjacent sections and general painting of the field in Urquiza de Rosario Park. Baby Sanchez with Candela Diaz (former local NBA Junior League player), was present at the opening of Urquiza Park, Rosario’s public court of reference for basketball. During the virtual clinic of the JR World Basketball Championship, Sanchez will focus on technical movements on the court, exchanging experiences, tips and concepts and enriching teachings for both players and formative coaches.

In Puerto Rico, the NBA has renewed Sixto Valentin Stadium in Arecibo, in the community of Hato Viejo. The work done included spare parts and improvements to the overall structure – flooring, panels, grommets and grilles as well as arranging the lighting and general patio painting. to inaugurate field renewal in Puerto Rico, Walter Hodge and Carla Cortijo They will participate in a session during Jr. The NBA Global Championship is on its way to the NCAA and NBA/WNBA, and they’re showing off the action in the new stadium.

I think any commitment to develop or motivate and inspire boys and girls to play basketball or play sports is a very good thing. In this case at Jr. NBA, the program has the advantage that inspiration comes from the place and league where everyone aspires to be and have an identity with the NBA teams.. It obviously generates a more direct interaction because somehow you relate directly to your favorite groups or idols and that’s very powerful. I was in Rosario with Candela and did that day of one-on-one training which we really enjoyed and it’s a Jr. NBA, she started playing in her school and thanks to that day she plays in a team, Rosario team and she has a lot of talent and desire to be a player and she is wondering if tomorrow she can’t devote herself to it or can she win a scholarship in a university or whatever. Stop, to motivate young people to play and enjoy themselves. Many will go to clubs to play, some not, but they certainly have the experience of being able to enjoy themselves. These programs help a lot, especially since they are done in schools. The ability to introduce sports in schools is a tool that is much needed in Latin America.”, Pepe Sánchez said of Jr. NBA.

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