Katia Echazarita, the first Mexican to enter space

Katia Echazarita, the first Mexican to enter space

As part of the upcoming Blue Origin crew, 26-year-old Katia Ichazarita will become the first Mexican woman to go into space.

“Catia will be the first Mexican by birth and the youngest naturalized American to visit space and fly as part of the Citizen Astronaut Program sponsored by Space for Humanity (S4H),” Blue Origin said.

Echazarreta will be part of billionaire Jeff Bezos’s fifth manned mission on the 21st flight (NS-21) of the New Shepard spacecraft, although the exact launch date is not yet confirmed and will be announced soon.

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The future astronaut was born in Guadalajara, moved to the United States at the age of seven, and was separated from her family for five years during the immigration process. He graduated from UCLA with a BA in Electrical Engineering and is completing a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

She has worked as an electrical engineer on five NASA missions, including the Perseverance Rover and Europa Clipper. She is also currently co-host of the YouTube series “Netflix IRL” and “Electric Kat” on CBS’ “Mission Unstoppable”.

In addition, Echazarreta has been recognized as a creator on social networks, in both English and Spanish tik tokAnd Youtube And Instagramwhich publishes content to empower women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

She was selected by Space for Humanity from among more than 7,000 applicants from more than 100 countries to become the organization’s first female ambassador and “citizen astronaut” to fly aboard the Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft.

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“My grandmother asked me to remember that even though we are separated, we live under the same sky, on the same planet, and face the same challenges no matter where we are physically,” said Icharita, according to Space for Humanity.

“It still feels surreal that I am going to experience something very few people in the world have ever experienced, especially since visiting space is a dream I have always remembered,” he said.

“I am honored to represent not only Space for Humanity on this mission, but all the girls and women who dream of achieving something greater, those who might just need an extra push or an example of someone who looks or sounds like them to help. Encourage them to take the next step toward their dream. I can’t stand it. Waiting to share more about my adventure with the world!”

The other five members of the NS-21 crew are Evan Dick, an engineer, investor and Dick Holdings board member. Hamish Harding, pilot and president of Action Aviation; Victor Correa Hispanha, Brazilian civil production engineer; Jason Robinson, extreme athlete and co-founder of Dream Variation Ventures; and Victor Veskovo, explorer, co-founder of private equity director Insight Equity, and retired US Navy captain.

Photo: Blue Origin.

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