Latest Tory leadership: Liz Truss says she was ‘wrong’ to support Remain in Brexit vote

Latest Tory leadership: Liz Truss says she was ‘wrong’ to support Remain in Brexit vote

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Secretary of State, Liz Truss, said she was “wrong” to come back to stay in the 2016 EU referendum.

The Conservative Party leader who hopes to be criticized by other candidates for her previous post for seeking to present herself as a true supporter of Brexit in the competition.

Ms Truss told BBC Radio 4 News: “She has fully embraced the choice that the British people have made.” today a program. “I was wrong and I am willing to admit that I was wrong.”

Ms. Truss rejected the suggestion that her former Remain loyalty said anything about her political convictions.

in her stadium in daily MailMs Truss vowed to “get on the ground by cutting taxes immediately, growing our economy and unleashing everyone’s potential.”

Meanwhile, the former chancellor declared himself “Thatchery”. The couple will try to win the support of local politicians today when they take part in the special protests of the Conservative Council of Counselors.


Liz Truss claims unresolved Brexit row shows she ‘gets things done’

Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss claimed the unresolved row with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol shows how it “gets things done”.

The foreign secretary cited the current Brexit dispute as an example of her extradition – despite her failure to reach an agreement with Brussels after several months of negotiations.

“You’ve shown that I can get things done,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “Whether it’s sorting out the issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol to make sure we offer the full chances of Brexit, I can get things done.”

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Conservative MP and Rishi Sunak supporter Theresa Villiers said his question to Liz Truss during ITV’s leadership debate “wasn’t the greatest moment of his campaign”.

During Sunday’s televised debate, Mr. Sunak asked, “Liz, I was once a Liberal Democrat and stayed, I was just wondering which one I regretted the most?”

When asked about the comment on Sky News, former minister Ms Villiers said: “I mean, it wasn’t the greatest moment of his campaign. I probably regret it, I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do.”

“But the important thing is who is going to be the one to lead us through this inflation crisis, and I think Rishi has shown that he has the record and that he has a plan to do that.”

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She added, “I definitely want a positive contest and there were some annoying comments… It’s always tough when you have people within the same party competing against each other.

“But I know Rishi wants to make a positive case about what he’s going to do to lead us through what are going to be very difficult economic times.”


Truss denies presenting herself to Thatcher

Liz Truss denied that she was introducing herself to Margaret Thatcher, adding that it was “her person”.

Ms Truss said her “biggest fear” was that aggressors on the world stage would have “some kind of success”. The Secretary of State criticized comparisons between her and Thatcher.

“It is very frustrating that female politicians are always compared to Margaret Thatcher, while male politicians are not compared to Ted Heath,” she told GB News.

It has been said in some circles that Ms Truss has drawn comparisons to the former Conservative Prime Minister, but Ms Truss dismissed such comments.

“I think we need to level the playing field,” she joked.


Truss wanted Johnson to continue as Prime Minister

Liz Truss said she wanted Boris Johnson to continue as prime minister. The foreign minister, described by some as a continuity candidate, was questioned on BBC Radio 4’s Today show about her judgment on Johnson’s support.

I wanted Boris to continue as prime minister. I think he did a great job in the 2019 election, winning an overwhelming majority for us. He gave Brexit, and he delivered vaccinations.

“Unfortunately, we have come to a position where he does not have the support of our parliamentary party,” she said.

“My opinion has been that he has admitted a mistake, or several, over the past year, but the upside of the balance sheet has been very positive.”

When asked if she was Johnson’s continuity candidate, she said, “What I am not is the continuity policy candidate, because I think that’s where we didn’t get it right.

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The mayor of the governor criticizes the final leadership candidates

Mayor Ware Conservative, in Dorset, criticized the leadership finalists, arguing that a different candidate would have been “perfect”.

In an interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Richie Fernando said: “There has been talk of Liz (Truss) being a continuity candidate, but arguably Richie (Sunak) is also a continuity candidate in my eyes and the general public.

“That’s why I think Benny Mordaunt or Tom Tugendhat or Kimmy (Badenoch) was perfect for the members as someone who offers something a little different.”

Liz Wardlow, a member of the Cheshire East Torre Council, told the programme: “I am disappointed that we don’t have a new candidate to consider.

“I wonder if members of Parliament listened to their assemblies when they were casting their votes?”


Truss admits she was ‘wrong’ in the 2016 EU referendum

Liz Truss, a former Remainer who has sought to present herself as a true Brexit supporter, said she was “wrong” in the 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union.

She refused to suggest that her previous loyalty to the Remain campaign said anything about her political convictions.

“I have fully embraced the choice that the British people have made,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“I was wrong and I am willing to admit that I was wrong.”

Ms Truss has faced criticism in the leadership race because of her previous post on Brexit and also because of her stint in the Liberal Democrats. She has insisted that her economic plan to cut taxes immediately is not a gamble and will not increase inflation.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that she was challenging the economic “orthodoxy” that had prevailed over the past few decades.

Ms Truss said she had argued against raising the National Insurance in Cabinet because it was a “mistake” both to break the statement’s commitment and to “raise taxes in these very difficult economic times.”

She warned that current tax plans – which include raising corporate tax from 19 per cent to 25 per cent in April – would lead to recession.


Labor says Conservative Treasury Secretary Richard Fuller should be fired over tax haven second jobs

Labor is urging the next Conservative leader to commit to firing a Treasury secretary who receives multiple salaries from companies with links to a notorious tax haven.

Richard Fuller, who was appointed in the final days of Boris Johnson’s premiership, charges £80,000 a year from financial firms – what the opposition describes as a “horrific conflict of interest”.

The deputy, who receives cash the equivalent of one working day a month, has a history of advocating for “light touch” and “deregulation” financial regulations for financial services companies such as employers.

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Liz Truss promised an emergency budget to cut taxes while Sunak pledged to be Thatchery’s prime minister.

Liz Truss has pledged to bring in an emergency budget to cut taxes, as the new favorite in the Conservative Party leadership criticized Rishi Sunak’s record as chancellor.

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The foreign secretary said Sunak had pushed Britain in the “wrong direction” on tax, and she would quickly thwart the increase in national insurance if she became prime minister.

Sunak made his own bid for membership that would crown the winner by saying he was “the only one” who could defeat Keir Starmer’s Labor Party and win the election.

He also insisted he would “rule as Thatcher” after facing repeated criticism from the conservative right for wanting to delay tax cuts until after inflation was brought under control.

Adam Forrest He has one last hope of leading the Conservative Party.


Governor urges leadership candidates to focus on politics, not personal attacks

A member of the Board of Governors asked leadership candidates to focus on policies rather than attacking each other.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Cheshire East District Councilwoman Liz Wardle said: “I can’t even tell you how much it bothers me.

“I don’t find it fun and I don’t think grassroots people find it entertaining. My message is: ‘Get over it.'”

“You should focus on your own policies. You need to focus on convincing me, and others like me, why you have the right to be the prime minister of this country.”

“I don’t want to hear any bickering or slander.”


Truss criticizes Sunak’s ‘wrong direction’ on taxes and pledges emergency budget

Liz Truss said Rishi Sunak is going in the “wrong direction” on taxes and that she will introduce an emergency budget to quickly scrap the National Insurance increase if she wins the race to become the next prime minister.

in her stadium in daily MailMs Truss vowed to “get on the ground by cutting taxes immediately, growing our economy and unleashing everyone’s potential.”

She attacked the government’s tax registry, which Sunak oversaw until his resignation, which eventually led to Johnson’s downfall.

“We were headed in the wrong direction on taxes, with the tax burden at its highest level in 70 years,” she wrote.

“I am the tax cut candidate who will help beleaguered families by reversing the April National Insurance hike and suspending the green tax on energy bills.

“I will move to bring in an emergency budget to move forward to do this quickly, and announce a spending review to find more efficiencies in government spending.”

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