Manchester City player ratings: Joao Cancelo and Bernardo Silva Judd vs. Gladbach – Simon Bagkowski

Manchester City player ratings: Joao Cancelo and Bernardo Silva Judd vs. Gladbach – Simon Bagkowski

Ederson: He barely touches the ball with his hands or feet and is a happy spectator behind a dominant team. He made some helpful interceptions in the second half 7

Walker: He showed merit on the team when he used his speed and intelligence to cut a Gladbach fracture that came out of nowhere. Enjoy clicking on the right flank with fellow England Sterling. 8

days: The man never stops. He led the defense with superior confidence and authority, hitting him in the back. 7

La Port: It was tough to shoot down the Stones but Laporte looked better than he had in recent matches, showing good awareness of defusing a dangerous situation and hitting the ball in midfield. 7

Eliminates: Who needs Kevin De Bruyne when your left back manages to pass a pass like him? His versatility caused problems for the German national team throughout the evening and his superior ball scored a breakthrough for the first two goals. 9

Rodri: Back in the team after seeing a big show by Fernandinho on Sunday, that was fine again from Rodri as he kept the team high and got the ball back in third place. 8

Gundogan: He’s back in the starting line-up, chasing the edge of the penalty area in search of more goals. No one showed up, but he played his part in a relentless attack. 7

Bernardo: Anything sterling can go for, and so can Bernardo. A goal from the youngest players on the field and another tireless. 8

Sterling pound: He got the ball in several promising spots but was guilty of failing to make the most of his chances, leaving a frustrated Guardiola on the touchline. 5

Foden: He caused problems by sticking to the touchline, which means City can always switch play whenever they want. His speed disrupted Gladbach’s defense. 7

Essa: He led the streak well and his pressure was a major part in City scoring their first goal. He lost all the urgency or clarity when introduced with the unmarked ball in the square though, wasting the opportunity to score even if he ended up on the scoring sheet. 7


Mahrez (for sterling, 69): It dropped hard / turned around, even though it didn’t have much involvement. 6

Torres (to Jesus, 80)

Aguero (for Foden, 80)

unused: Stephen, Carson, Mindy, Zenchenko, Garcia, Stones, Fernandinho, Doyle, De Bruyne

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