Luis Raul Torres confirmed that Alejandro García Padilla coordinated the meetings between Wayne Stensby and the Popular Command.

Luis Raul Torres confirmed that Alejandro García Padilla coordinated the meetings between Wayne Stensby and the Popular Command.

name of Alejandro Garcia Padilla Not included in the documents and invoices that Loma Energy The result of a court order must be delivered to Parliament, but the chairman of the energy committee of the legislature, Luis Raul Torres CruzToday, he said that the former governor coordinated the meetings of the CEO of the Energy Union, Wayne StinsbyWith the popular leadership during the 2020 election period.

Torres Cruz pointed out that The documents, which the firm claimed to be confidential and referred to as the “Luma Papers,” do not reveal the names of lobbyists or lawyers hired by the firm’s law firms.

The bills, which the lawmaker shared with reporters at a roundtable on Capitol Hill, reveal that between August 2020 to May 2021, DLA Piper has charged LUMA $2,054,318.53. On the papers, the names of the lawyers were written in black inkUnder the protection of the attorney-client relationship.

for this part, García Padilla indicated, through written statements, that he had neither had nor had contracts with LUMA Energy or its parent company..

“I do not have, nor do I have, any contract with LUMA or the parent company to lobby for their interest. As I have repeatedly said, at one point, I was asked whether the elected representatives should meet with the company chosen by the PNP as the privatization of the electric power authority, and my answer was A clear yes.The former governor said, “I did not come close to accepting the company, and all my public expressions before and after its selection were against privatization.”

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Meanwhile, Torres Cruz said that the former governor Luis Fortunio It does not appear in the documents submitted, but confirmed it Fortuño “worked with DLA Piper, LUMA’s lead law firm.”

“The head of the chamber himself (Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez MontañezHe said Alejandro approached him to meet Stensby.Torres Cruz said.

The popular legislator noted that García Padilla also coordinated a September 2020 meeting of Stensby with the committee that appointed the then candidate for governor. People’s Democratic Party (PPD), Charlie Delgado AltieriTo evaluate the LUMA contract.

“The one who made the approach to Charlie’s group was Garcia Padilla. Alejandro requested a meeting of Stensby and the meeting took place in Alejandro’s office“, handle.

But the legislator added that the committee recommended canceling the contract.

“If he did it for free and didn’t charge, they should explain it. He asked lawmakers to have a Stensby meeting. It’s not illegal for him to do it. He says it was a blessing”Torres Cruz said, while saying there was “no bill” in the name of Garcia Padilla.

Among the documents are several of Stensby’s meetings with the governor Pedro Pierluisi, after taking office. LUMA CEO meetings with senators, representatives, popularity and membership were also split.

Torres Cruz noted that the documents LUMA has submitted so far correspond to May 2021 and that it does not include the period from June 1 onwards, when he entered the company’s contract for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

“They told us that happy spending would end and what we saw was a waste of public money.”, handle.

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The expenses were from the time they started their business from June 2020 to May 2021. When they had not created a column and were changing the logo, they were already a million expenses. They even pushed the movesThe head of the Energy Commission demanded.

“What they sent us was some of the tables involved and when we started looking at the bills in detail, we found that This is a scandal with payments for bottles of Australian wine, meals of filet mignon and lobster, and entertainment expenses.”Torres Cruz said.

A bill from a hotel in San Juan includes a $90 bottle of wine, specially.

He said they “sent (LUMA) invoices to Electric Power Authority (AEE) and the Authority for Public-Private Partnerships (APP), which had to authorize the payment. I explained it in detail There are “even Tylenol” bills..

The legislator noted that the CEO of the APP, Fermin FontanesHe will have to be held accountable at subsequent hearings because he said under oath he doesn’t have those details, PREPA has it, PREPA said to ask LUMA and when LUMA refuses we go to court.”

Regarding the number of guards LUMA has in Puerto Rico, he said so according to the data sent “They have a total of 497 rangers in this category, 245 are from PREPA, 160 came from outside Puerto Rico and 92 are assigned here.”

“Of these 497, about 202 have 1 year or less of experience, 240 are interns, 273 have more than 10 years of experience and among them are supervisors. Thank God we didn’t get caught in a tropical storm this summer, because look who we are‘, via Torres Cruz.

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He pointed out that the “experts”, including former directors of the authority, Juan Flores Alicia, Justo Gonzalez, Jose Colon And Hector Rosario, they say that in order to run the system in optimal conditions, they need more than 1,200 orders in full positions.” He added that PREPA has up to 1,800 guards.

He even noted that in a “Gap Assestment” LUMA said they needed 1,200 to run the entire transmission and distribution system, but they admitted they only had 497.

“They don’t have it, because they couldn’t hire them or they couldn’t find them. They lost between 500 to 600 power guards who had 15 years of experience or more”, the PPD legislator said, although he recognized that LUMA pays guards more than PREPA paid them.

4 organizers charge $26 an hour and now, from what we’ve seen, LUMA pays them 30-35 pesos an hour, Detailed Torres Cruz.

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