Mental health support in days with a diverse approach

Mental health support in days with a diverse approach

The Municipal Public Health Secretariat’s Mental Health Team participated in the 12th Municipal Health Conference in Villanueva District, an event organized in response to the need for healthcare with a different and diverse approach.

The event was held jointly with the organization March Lgbtig+ and Study N&A. Lady Johanna Semanet, a professional on the mental health team at the Ministry of Mental Health, said the ministry’s mental health team “recognizes different trends and identities and provides support to Study N&A, which I discovered the problematic use of psychoactive substances and psychiatric disorders.” Ministry of Health.

“I am grateful for the accompaniment and health presentation that the Secretariat gave us, especially since so many of our colleagues have experienced discrimination, rejection and violation of their rights, which has affected their mental health and led to the problematic use of psychotropic substances,” said Nestor Pérez Muñoz, Legal Representative and Founder of Study N&A.

It should be remembered that the focus of this intervention was towards the problem of consumption of psychoactive substances and what methods and methods of treating behaviors or mental disorders were timely established.

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Publication date 08/29/2021

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