Three streaming sci-fi movies for all tastes that are worth checking out

Three streaming sci-fi movies for all tastes that are worth checking out

From a semi-anonymous sci-fi classic from the 70s by one of its great dreamers to a blockbuster with stunning special effects that went unnoticed two years ago. Our selection of genre films available for live streaming is more diverse and for all tastes than ever beforeAnd our advice… is to see them all.


Released at a very difficult time, at the end of 2019, everyone seems to have forgotten about this movie A near-disastrous box office that was promoted at the time as the final special effects. The truth is that in the story of the cloned superhero killers, the action and scenery aren’t revolutionary, but the influences that show us Will Smith meeting a resurrected version of himself…especially since we’ve seen Smith a lot in successful films from a very young age. This feeling is very curious and the movie is worth revisiting.


Of all the films of the “Apocalypse with Limits” variant (can’t talk, can’t watch, etc.), this is one of the most interesting and somewhat forgotten Netflix movies. In which What people cannot do is sleep, which guarantees dire consequences in just a few days: Who Can is the girl who might keep the secret of humanity’s survival, who begins a race against time between an ever-sleeping creature and a group of adults completely out of their minds, like the horrific version of ‘Alice in Country of Wonders’.

13 premieres and prime weekend releases:

“mysterious ships”

Douglas Trumbull’s directorial debut was The creative special effects designer whose mastery has provided us with such master pieces Like “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “Blade Runner”. This movie is a cult classic of ’70s science fiction and tells how on a space station, the scientist who keeps the last terrestrial plant species (Bruce Dern) receives an order to destroy it.

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