Today’s Horoscope, April 21, 2023, All Zodiac Signs

Today’s Horoscope, April 21, 2023, All Zodiac Signs

It contains Today’s HoroscopeFriday April 21, mercury The planet related to communication and document signing begins its retrograde path. You should prepare yourself to overcome its hurdles and delays through this movement.

Aries Horoscope

Starting today, Mercury, the planet responsible for conveying and conveying information, begins its retrograde path in the financial sector of your horoscope.

In the next three weeks, you may have problems receiving deposits of your winnings, credits, or bonuses, and may be denied a financing agreement with a credit card interest rate renegotiation.

In addition, you should be especially careful about theft, fraud or losing your money, if you are going to open a business or publish your website for the first time, you better wait for the next three weeks.

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Taurus horoscope

Today Mercury will begin its retrograde path in your own sign, which is why you will feel its delays and postponements strongly. With this movement, your Tactics and Mental Speed ​​will not have their usual agility.

For this reason, you may feel doubts about your arguments for others and for yourself, as you doubt whether you should make important decisions.

For this reason, I recommend that you do not enter into strong discussions where you are not fully aware of what you are exposing yourself to, as your anxiety will only make things more complicated. Remember that it will do you no good to promise something you cannot deliver.

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Gemini horoscope

Starting today, Mercury, the planet of information and your thoughts, will begin its retrograde path. Over the next three weeks, you will notice this impact strongly.

Remember that moments of introspection and analysis will increase now as you review past situations, and you may be dramatic and emotionally unstable.

You may feel overwhelmed by the urge to escape from reality and revisit your recent decisions, making sure you don’t get stuck in a maze of thoughts and questions. Avoid getting caught up in mental confusion.

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Cancer horoscope

Today Mercury, the planet responsible for giving and imparting information, will begin its retrograde course. When this happens in the next three weeks, it is responsible for sending misleading or erroneous data.

Additionally, you may experience problems with your email, internet connection and your cell phone, disorganized conversations and disagreements when meeting with colleagues.

For this reason, I advise you to review your agenda and attendance at the meetings you call each day. Also, if you wanted to avoid difficult situations with your work team in recent months, they will come to light this week.

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Leo Horoscope

On this day, Mercury will make its retrograde causing its well-known problems. But, in addition, if you’ve experienced tension in the last three months or if you don’t want to express your work-related discomforts or disagreements, everyone will know them for the next three weeks starting today.

This happens through situations full of discomfort or misunderstandings. Here you have to be very careful as your work performance can suffer, especially avoid making mistakes like disclosing wrong information or letting it be known when it is really confidential.

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Virgo Horoscope

Today Mercury will begin retrograde and the first effect you will feel due to this event will be an increase in the intensity of your thoughts.

You’ll find yourself constantly questioning how you’re doing in terms of your goals, your lifestyle, and the types of communication you maintain with your relatives.

In this line of ideas, you have to be careful and remember not to get caught up in ideas and guesswork, but to see the effective outcome. On the other hand, the next three weeks will bring to light the tensions you’ve let go of in recent months with those relationships you’ve been maintaining at a distance.

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Libra horoscope

Mercury will begin its retrograde today. Through this movement, you will have tensions that you experienced in past business meetings or problems related to financial and banking agreements that were not well clarified.

Additionally, if you avoid paying debts or taxes, even if you have a safe payment deferral, inconveniences and demands will arise.

This regression can also be manifested in the loss of money, bank transactions that do not appear in your account, therefore, it is convenient to do personal cleansing with herbs to remove bad energy.

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Scorpio horoscope

Mercury will begin its retrograde path today, forming from Taurus, your opposite and the relationship sector of your horoscope.

Due to this influence, difficult topics that you have not wanted to talk about in the last three months will come to light. Apart from misunderstandings, problems and various questions arise due to mistrust, doubts or information you are hiding.

In this way, in the next three weeks, deception will often be used to cover up other lies or betrayals, which will cause cracks in your relationships.

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Today Mercury will begin its retrograde course and problems will begin with this movement, that’s why I recommend taking everything very slowly and slowing down your pace, because everything will be delayed.

Retrograde in an Earth sign, you may confuse your material ambitions and come up with false definitions; So, you have to be careful and don’t make serious mistakes due to your distractions.

If you are working with important account balances, ledgers or documents, you may have missed transactions or documents.

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Your desire to see your loved ones and your friends may be frustrated by the delays caused by Mercury retrograde for the next three weeks starting today.

With this movement, the obstacles to seeing yourself with them will increase, and it will lead to a review of how your feelings were from three months ago to today.

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In the process, you will definitely find love conflicts that you decided not to talk about, but they will come to light during this retreat, so I recommend using the properties of garlic to help get rid of bad energy.

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Aquarius horoscope

Mercury will begin its retrograde path today. With this influence, tension and unexpressed anger may come to the fore in the last three months.

You will see this especially reflected in the communication of the family group, because you cannot avoid conflicts or avoid problems in order to maintain a certain harmony.

If you have to do some real estate transactions, you have to take into account delays, loss of documents or you will be cheated, so check all the clauses and fine print of the contracts.

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Pisces people

Today Mercury, the planet associated with your mind, begins its retrograde through Taurus. It affects you in your third house, which corresponds precisely to the part of the horoscope that creates your thoughts and your ability to say what you think.

But when all this happens in the air element, there is such an astral movement that you can review your thoughts and analyze what you need to change.

Also remember that you will feel that you are not understanding what you are saying or using the wrong words; Especially, it can cause conflicts in your relationships.

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