Myanmar authorities order a nationwide data network shutdown

Myanmar authorities order a nationwide data network shutdown

(CNN Español) – authorities Myanmar On Saturday, it ordered a nationwide data network shutdown, according to telecommunications company Telenor Group, which operates Telenor Myanmar.In a statement posted on its official Twitter account on Saturday, the Telenor Group said, “The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Myanmar (MoTC) has ordered all mobile operators to temporarily shut down the data network in Myanmar.”

He added that the board of directors of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications was citing “the legal basis in the Myanmar Communications Law and referring to the circulation of fake news, the nation’s stability and the public’s interest as the basis for the system.”

Voice call and SMS services will remain open, according to Telenor.

The Norwegian mobile phone company said, “The Telenor Group looks with deep concern at this development,” adding that “Telenor Myanmar, as a local company, is subject to local law and needs to deal with this anomalous and difficult situation.”

“We deeply regret the impact of the closure on the people of Myanmar,” said Telenor.

NetBlocks, which tracks internet outages and shutdowns around the world, has also detected widespread communication disruption in Myanmar.

In a tweet on Saturday, Netblocks indicated that “national connectivity has dropped to 54% from normal levels” in Myanmar at 10am local time.

He described the outage as “the second nationwide internet outage” in Myanmar.

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