News of Guatemala’s invitation to the Gold Cup –

News of Guatemala’s invitation to the Gold Cup –

Guatemala. The list of 23 players who will be in the Gold Cup has been announced tonight.

The Guatemalan national team confirmed its participation in the next edition of the Gold Cup, and by doing so, Fedefut announced the players who will participate in Group A with Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and El Salvador.

He confirmed that Mexican coach Rafael Loredo is responsible for directing this selection, after the dismissal of Amarini Filatoro from his position as coach of the national team.

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Now with Rafael Loredo, the Mexican strategist has called up 23 players and highlighted the names of Kinderson Navarro (Municipal), Oscar Castellanos (Antigua) and Yeltsin Alvarez (Iztapa), as well as the names of Alejandro Galindo (Copan Imperial) and Jorge. Aparicio (communications) who were marginalized from Azul y Blanco due to the lack of discipline they had in focus with Azul y Blanco.

Here is the list for tomorrow’s trip to the US:

  1. Nicholas Hagen
  2. Kevin Moscoso
  3. Kinderson Navarro
  4. Jose Pinto
  5. Kervin Garcia
  6. Stephen Robles
  7. Luis Martinez
  8. Moises Hernandez
  9. Jairo Areola
  10. Gerardo Gordillo
  11. Jorge Aparicio
  12. Manuel Lopez
  13. Oscar Castellanos
  14. Yeltsin Alvarez
  15. Louis de Leon
  16. Oscar Santis
  17. Robin Betankworth
  18. Jose Morales
  19. Marvin Ceballos
  20. Marco Dominguez
  21. Darwin blame
  22. Alexander Galindo
  23. Jose Ruiz

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