Olympia scores a tight win over UPN with a penalty that didn’t exist and gets into the fight for leadership – ten

Olympia scores a tight win over UPN with a penalty that didn’t exist and gets into the fight for leadership – ten

Welcome to the minute by minute of the Olympia vs Lobos UBN match!

Accurate. 90 + 6 full time. Olimpia scores a tight victory over UPN and enters the battle for the championship lead. And right with Motagua in the arrangement.

Accurate. 90 Six minutes are added to the game.

Accurate. 88 Yellow for Carlos Pineda

Accurate. 84 Olimpia makes the last two changes: André Orellana and Jared Velásquez entered; Edwin Rodriguez and Christian Altamirano left.

Accurate. 82 EXPELLED Marlon “Machuca” Ramírez who entered Javier Portillo.

Accurate. 81 Olympia Juul; Justin Arboleda did it from 11 steps.

Accurate. 80 Recent change in UPN: Marco Godoy is injured and Samuel Elver is entered.

Accurate. 77 Penalty for Olympia. Referee Marvin Ortiz acknowledges a non-existent hand from Lisvin Medina. The ball hit him in the thigh first.

Accurate. 68 Yellow for O’Neill Osorio.

Accurate. 65 Luis Arginal entered and left Aldo Oviedo in the university students.

Accurate. 64 GOOOOOL from Olympia; Jose Mario Pinto takes a midrange shoe to hook the game.

Accurate. 62 Yellow for Marco Godoy.

Accurate. 59 Shot by Jorge Alvarez who forgives in front of the UPN tire.

Accurate. 57 two life changes; Justin Arboleda and Jorge Alvarez entered, Eddie Hernandez and Jose Garcia left the field.

Accurate. 54 A clear hand from Christian Altamirano inside the area that the referee did not punish her.

Accurate. 46 The second half begins.

Accurate. 46 UPN is making two changes: Axel Gomez joined and Luis Alvarez left; Jerry Diaz came in as well and Xavi Torres was out.

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Accurate. 45 + 9 Yellow by Edric Mengevar

Accurate. 45 + 9 GOOOOOOL from UPN. Michael O’Donnell Osorio won a free kick against Menjevar’s goal to open the scoring.

Accurate. 45 Five minutes are added to the first half.

Accurate. 44 Rubel Bernardez is injured and O’Tonell Osorio is in.

Accurate. 40 A great cover for UPN Argueta goalkeeper who takes his hand with Jerry Bengson off his feet.

Accurate. 33 Eddie Hernandez missed the ball after a cross from Altamirano when he finished alone in front of the goalkeeper.

Accurate. 20 Jerry Bengtson missed it. His shot wasn’t really accurate and Olympia was forgiven.

Accurate. 5 Eddie Hernandez’s cross shot that missed the clear play that could have been the first for the goal.

Accurate. 2 Cristian Altamirano shot but the ball remained in the hands of goalkeeper Gerson Argueta.

Accurate. 1 The game begins in Nacional.

XI of Olympia: Edric Menjivar, Jose Garcia, Brian Bekeles, Jonathan Paz, Javier Portillo, Christian Altamirano, Carlos Pineda, Edwin Rodriguez, Jose Mario Pinto, Eddie Hernandez and Jerry Bengtson. DT Pedro Truglio

Alternatives: Rafael Zuniga, Gaston Diaz, Alan Banegas, Diego Reyes, Andre Orellana, Luis Reyes, Jorge Alvarez, Jorge Benguci, Samuel Cordova, Maldonado, Velazquez and Arboleda.

This is how UPNFM is formed: Gerson Argueta, Enrique Vazquez, Lesvin Medina, Xavi Torres, Luis Alvarez, Jacques Baptiste, Marco Godoy, Rubel Bernardez, Aldo Oviedo and Marlon Ramirez.

Substitutes: Brian Cruz, Nelson Muñoz, Carlos Roches, Arnold Melendez, Michael Osorio, Darwin Andino, Elder Torres, Luis Argenial, Jerick Diaz, Samuel Elver, Axel Gomez

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End of the day 17

4:00 pm Olympia vs. UPNFM (Tigo Sports)

5:15 pm life vs. Platency (TDTV)

7:00 pm Honduras Progreso vs. Real Sociedad (Tego Sports!

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