Sitech Consortium met with candidates for MPs in the FE . political space

Sitech Consortium met with candidates for MPs in the FE . political space

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The SITECH Federation met with the candidates for the deputies of the political space FE, to “reaffirm commitment to Defending the public school which they had assumed before PASO and with the aim that education should be the central issue facing the legislative elections.”

As a matter of urgency, they pretended to The immediate return of cutbacks to the days of unemployment that ended up destroying already poor household economies Thousands of education workers have seen their salaries hurt for five consecutive months, and it is a question no lawmaker should ignore.”

Regarding the educational conference, they warned that “this is the space of democracy par excellence.” Solve a large part of the problems in education, such as competitions in high school and high school; mail addresses that have broken the order of entitlement; qualification competencies that destroy the teaching profession and create distinctive situations for professionals with a complementary course; etc. In this framework and in view of the special situation that exists in secondary and higher education, it is necessary to begin immediately in Congress at these two levels so that, as expressed, within the framework of the broadest democratic participation, the paths to a solution may be outlined.

The legislators’ nominees stated: “The ‘Trigger’ clause should be incorporated by law and should be linked to joint participation and/or inflation because it is more beneficial.

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