On Friday, TSE will present the final report for the 2021 elections

On Friday, TSE will present the final report for the 2021 elections

TSE released the official results, 4 days after the closing of the final audit of new ideas claims was postponed.

On Friday, the Supreme Electoral Court presented the final report on the results of the 2021 elections in which representatives were elected to Parliament, the Legislative Council and municipal councils for the period 2021-2024.

“We can correctly confirm that thanks to technology we were able to provide accurate and timely results, the direction of which remained unchanged regarding the election results obtained in the final vote,” said TSE Electoral Court President Dora Esmeralda Martinez de Barahona.

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In addition, it was reported that the final counting newspaper and the final declaration decree will be published as ordered by the election law.

According to the electoral authority this went to Distribution of mayors Accomplished by the parties: ARENA 34 mayors; FMLN 30; PCN 14 wins 27; PDC 3; Let’s start with 1; New Ideas 116.

Added those obtained by the coalition: New Ideas – CD 23 Mayors; ARENA-PCN 1; New ideas – WINS 9; Fresh Ideas – CD-WINS 1; New Ideas-PCN 1. New Ideas-PCN-WINS 2.

While distributing From the Central American Parliament By a political party is the following: New Ideas – CD 14 MPs. Arena 3; FMLN 1; Win 1; PCN 1; PDC 0.

The It was the Legislative Assembly And it was formed as follows: New ideas 55 deputies. ARENA 14; PCN 2; Let’s start with 1; Win 6 PDC 1; FMLN4; Our time 1.

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The announcement came four days after it was suspended due to the allegations of the New Ideas Party, which made it clear to the electoral entity that it had excluded 83 councilors from distribution to municipal councils.

Investigative judge, Dora Martinez, indicated at the time that New Ideas had submitted a request to reconsider the allocation of positions in municipal councils and that this request should be resolved.

Martinez referred to Article 219 of the Electoral Code that sets out the rules for explaining how council members are to be appointed to the Council, according to which the corresponding review will be conducted.

“With regard to some of the issues they bring up (new ideas), we get to know them, including, we will meet today in the afternoon to continue to make a decision on the decision that we will issue,” Judge Noel said Orellana on Tuesday.

What’s more: The Election Monitoring Board “congratulates” the Supreme Electoral Court on its success in the elections despite the difficulties it has faced

The NI claim was presented in the manner in which the number of councilors in each municipal council is distributed in accordance with the provisions of Article 219 of the Electoral Law (CE).

Regarding this, electoral expert Ruth Eleonora Lopez said in an interview with TVX that “a change of this kind requires reform approved by the legislature,” despite the fact that the Supreme Electoral Court is the highest authority on electoral matters, does not comply with the amendment of the law.

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On the other hand, Article 272 of the CE Act states that claims for the final cancellation of vote count may be brought before the court by political parties within three days after being notified or published on the TSE website.

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