On Saturday, the Nonviolence Space is organizing the first day of joint action in the park – Alfardio

On Saturday, the Nonviolence Space is organizing the first day of joint action in the park – Alfardio

The Nonviolence Space, which recently started its activity in Entrambasaguas, is organizing the sixth Saturday of its first day of co-working in the park.

It is in it that the first works will be carried out: the ground will be cleared, weeds will be removed, and in the middle of the morning an inscription will be called. Before eating, there will be silence every two weeks for peace.

Who wants to stay to eat (everyone brings what they have, although they can have household items). Everything will be done in the fresh air and if it is bad the appointment will be moved to Sunday.

50% of the production is for people who do not have economic resources. The other half is for venue needs, courses, financing, meetings, etc.

There will be a kids’ classroom with some dynamics and free to play.

Cantabrian space NOVIOLENCE

The Cantabrian Nonviolence Space is located in Hoz de Anero (Entrambasaguas) and promotes training, non-violent direct action and support for disadvantaged groups

It is a continuation of past projects and arises from the interest of a group of people from the nonviolent group who seek to find new ways to put the nonviolent proposition into practice in societies.

The pillars of the project are training, non-violent direct action, and the development of spirituality.

In addition, the central issues in space are caring for the earth (austerity, self-management – the garden -) and the direct relationship with the most crushed in society. There is also a nonviolent loan library.

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Direct references are the Catholic labor movement (the Christian anarchism of Dorothy Day and Peter Morin) and the Coffin societies of the Lance of the Fast (Gandhian nonviolence).

In addition, they publish proposals and other initiative materials for the group and other groups working around a culture of peace and nonviolence.

It is a project completely open to participation in any of its aspects, and is currently located in Hoz de Anero, with some project lines fully operational and others starting in the coming months, such as open monthly training and work meetings, already ready when health permits.

The driving force of the project welcomes face-to-face visits and virtual conversations.

Collective modernity

The nonviolence group, which integrates this initiative into its logic, is an open and plural space where different realities born with the aim of promoting innovation converge, cooperate, cooperate and develop their work.

They try to be a network of people who are genuinely thinking about promoting a culture of nonviolence in our country always with a global perspective.

Some of the group’s recent actions in Cantabria were against financing the weapons of the Bank of Santander, and due to the suspension of the manufacture and export of weapons from the MAXAM-EXPAL plant in Quintanilla de Sobresierra (Burgos) and the port of Santander passing through the distance relays separating both locations:

For any questions, you can contact us at [email protected] or call or write to 672550647.

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