With 90% of the minutes processed, this is the new Assembly 2021-2024

With 90% of the minutes processed, this is the new Assembly 2021-2024

Preliminary data show that new ideas are close to gaining a qualified majority. Analyst and educator Oscar Picardo sees the new configuration as a risk, losing the balance between legislative, executive and judicial powers.

The Supreme Court Tribunal (DSE) spent 90.34% of the time researching the initial data, which was updated until 10pm on March 1, showing that News Ideas has a broader advantage over mayors and the legislature than other parties. .

Focos TV’s calculations show that the Assembly for the period 2021 – 2024 will have 56 delegates from New Ideas, 14 from Arena, 5 from Ghana, 4 from FMLN and 2 from PCN; 1 member of our time legislature, 1 Vamos party and 1 PTC.

The data shows that parties affiliated with the government add up to 64 seats, more than the required majority.

DSE technician Eduardo Lozano explained at a press conference that this trend may already be known, but not the locations distributed in each political party because the equation of quotes and residues still needs to be carried out, and 100% of the minutes of each volume that can be done up to the final calculation have been explored. At the end of this note, 90.34% of the 8,451 registrations have been processed nationwide.

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The new Ideas (NI) party, which is contesting the election for the first time that helped Bukel to form, along with the Great National Alliance (Ghana), which brought him to power in 2019, received more than half of the votes in parliament, according to a preliminary study released by the DSE.

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Real-time counting allows the TSE to indicate the number of votes each political organization will receive.

The final review will begin on Tuesday, where it will determine how many parties fit in the 84 seats in the legislature.

With an absolute majority, Buckell could affect appointments in the Supreme Court, the Comptroller’s Office and the Attorney’s Office, with whom there are controversies.

If it reaches a deserving majority (56 seats), it will be able to carry out constitutional reforms as well.

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Analyst and educator Oscar Picardo predicts an assembly that will just push the button in favor of Buckell, and there will not be much debate, which is risky.

In a televised interview this Monday, Picardo warned that a change in the number of delegates to the legislature could lead to a reorganization of the state, which is a risk because the balance between legislative, executive and judicial powers is being lost.

“A president wants to have a less militant legislature, but the risk is that he has full control of the legislature because it’s a democratic concern for the Supreme Court (CSJ), the Court of Accounts (CCR), the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR). Creates, the balance of power is lost and, above all, the image of the person who becomes president behind new ideas is not the image of a structured political entity with a theoretical, ideological base, everything is Naib Bukhale. ”

And new ideas Won 17 mayors Of the 19 municipalities owned by San Salvador, The most populous sector in the country.

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Jose Maria Tojeira, director of the Human Rights Institute at the Jesuit Central American University (UCA), said $ 300 bonds for families in need, food and supplies to deal with Govt-19 echoed in a population epidemic in a country where 90% of GDP reaches foreign debt .

On February 9, 2020, Buckley went with the heavily armed army and police to enter the legislature, despite the delegates’ refusal to approve the loan for the defense program proposed by his government. This is a move by which Bukheli is considered a dictatorship by the opposition and does not have much respect for democratic norms.

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