Philip Schofield says some people think Harry and Meghan “ should shut up now ”

Philip Schofield says some people think Harry and Meghan “ should shut up now ”

Philip Schofield responded to the latest royal drama after it appeared Megan Markle And the Prince Harry “Leaked” talks between Harry and his family to an American TV host.

Meghan’s friend, Gail King, revealed this week to CBS’s The Morning Breakfast program that conversations between Harry, William and Charles had taken place, but were “fruitless”.

The “leak” of this private conversation sparked a backlash, after members of the royal family recently commented that they will investigate Harry and Meghan’s recent allegations behind closed doors.

Talk to the shared host Holly Willoughby And guests, Beverly Turner and Giles Brandreth, suggested that the British might have had enough.

Either this is the most foolish friend on the planet, Philip asked, or they were told about her that she could appear on American TV and talk about the royal family and the British press again.

Philip Schofield spoke out against Harry and Meghan

Beverly said: Megan Markle He has a proven track record of doing this and talking to friends. One of her biggest drivers is, “I want everyone to say nice things about me all the time.”

This was her main complaint to the family when she talked about, “I want you to protect me. Protect me from people who say bad things about me in the press. “

She added, “It seems that she cannot resist getting these messages there. It must be very frustrating for the royal family who has said that they want to deal with this matter behind closed doors.”

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Philip suggested that Megan and Harry have them "They made their point" It must be left alone now
Philip suggested that Megan and Harry “made their point” and they should leave it alone for now

Phil then asked, “The thing is that there has been an enormous amount of sympathy on the issue of race and the issue of mental health, but looking at the polls taking place at the moment, it seems that this sympathy is fading very quickly.”

“Isn’t there that feeling that you’ve made your point, shut up now and go on with your quiet American life. You stabbed a knife in the heart of the monarchy. Obviously, these were things they felt compelled to do? Highlight, just enough, but stop now.”

Holly apparently disagreed with the verdict through her face, and tried to interrupt, saying, “But don’t you think …”

Holly Willoughby tried to defend Meghan Markle
Holly Willoughby tried to defend Meghan Markle

Finally, she added, “I wonder if this is because Beverly, she feels these are not issues that have to be dealt with behind closed doors.”

US host Gail said on the show this week, “I’m not trying to divulge the news, but I actually called them to find out how they were feeling, and it’s true that Harry spoke with his brother and he spoke to his father as well.

“The word I got is that those conversations were not fruitful but they are happy that at least they started a conversation.”

It’s not clear if the royal couple was given permission to share this, though they didn’t talk about the matter.

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