Potro Gutiérrez controversy, Motagua del “Nene” and if there is a call to direct the hurricane

Potro Gutiérrez controversy, Motagua del “Nene” and if there is a call to direct the hurricane


Beloved Guevara He debuted as a new signature for TENE TV. Honduran idol made the premiere of his piece “wolf lookWhere he indicated, as he will now do every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, about everything that happens around football in Honduras.

The eternal captain of the Honduran national team, a welfare analyst on our TV show, pointed out the pressing issues that Closing 2022as new Motagua to Caesar “Neni” Obando And the “Potro” Gutierrez controversy With Real Spain, he commented on the key to the comeback of Aurinegro who leads five consecutive victories.

Guevara As mentioned in relation to the moment the leader is going through victoryAnd the feeling of heroism and what happens in Olympia From Pablo Lavalin. In addition, he responds to whether he is about to direct the hurricane after the departure Diego Vazquez. That’s all he said.

“wolf appearance”

What do you attribute to this Real Spain streak, to the changes of Hector Vargas or the departure of “Potro” Gutierrez?

There are many aspects to the combination. Administrative management which are complex decisions, we must take credit for the sporting director, Javier Delgado, who did it even at the height of the championship and after what Gutierrez did. Making the decision was a point in their favour.

Good start for Vargas.

I’m not surprised, we all know your knowledge and experience. Although true, he did not make drastic changes to say that he did this or that, or that he changed the system. Real Spain remains almost the same. Perhaps a player has moved one position or the other. It didn’t get too complicated and follow the line. Fortunately they came up with the results, Real Spain shows interesting and cheerful football, which is not surprising, and once again a candidate for champion.

Did the players make the ‘bed’ for Potro Gutierrez?

I don’t think this mentality exists. The Honduran player is very noble and loyal. It affects us emotionally and psychologically, sometimes when things don’t go the local footballer gets banned, but from that to let him win, I don’t think, we are very professional and respectful. This is a general opinion and based on what I’ve been through, but there are internal aspects of the teams that one cannot have an opinion on.

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How do you rate the Mexican position? Is it ethical?

Surprises me of the world champion. A coach of his class is not always given to us in Honduras, it was the first time he coached the world champion here and there it was an honor to be in our league. What I know about him surprises me that I know he’s a professional. I don’t know what’s going on in his head, but that is arranged more internally, it’s very private things, and there is talk if something is hanging. I am also amazed at doping because it is a very sensitive situation. The federation should take action on this matter and question him about what he said as it would require the national football to attend a meeting. Real Spain has players in the national team and it wouldn’t be that by doing something good, something bad happens (due to doping results).

Is doping tests necessary?

I thought it’s still being done, I don’t know when it stopped and why they don’t, maybe the economy. There are players who can appear positively in international competitions. In my later years as a player, they made most of the games.

Is Olympia ready to be a five-time champion? Can you see Pablo Lavalin’s hand?

Olympia It is always a filter. Although it does not have the same strength as in the previous tournaments, let’s remember that a different idea was brought up and this takes time. Pedro Troglio implemented a different idea for two years and it gave results, and Lavallén has another idea and the change could cost the player. He has seen ups and downs, but he has a team to be the favourite.

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What do you think of Commander Victoria?

His first round is great, he has stayed on top. We knew the team had a hard time adapting to the first division because most of them were Ascent players, but along the way Nizar arrived and today is a great asset to this kind Victoria. You can see a strong team that, with the support of the Council, has managed to assemble a group of high-ranking players, Harold Fonseca and Marco Tulia Vega, who are key pieces. It’s the feeling of the league. How far will it reach you? We’ll have to see why the greats will respond in this second round.

Salomon Nazar the genius in Jaibo

Those of us who know him know who he is. He is a professional who loves things that are serious and right. If you have this fit, the board has corrected it and this hit they fired at the National will strengthen them. For me he will fight for the title.

How do you see the new Motagua del Nene?

It’s complicated. He had a double shift this week with just a few hours of work. He only did half of two training sessions and one full one. Talking about your business is complicated. Motagua comes from Diego Vazquez’s eight-year existence and changing this entire structure isn’t overnight, it takes time and work. He had wins and losses. It wasn’t easy at all for Motagua in Toccoa, but I think it will go slowly. We hope the fans and the board will have the same patience he had with Vazquez. The same thing that is happening to Olympia now, is happening to Motagua. What the team needs most is confidence.

Did Nene Obando’s appointment surprise you?

Yes, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity now. I know he’s been ready for a long time and that they have that desire to be in the team like when he was a player. It surprised me, but it also filled me with joy. I’m excited about Motagua for Nene Obando.

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What did Amadou do when Nene was already a superstar in Motagua and the national team?

For me it is a fetish. At the beginning of my career he was an older brother and it was a dream to play with him. We all wanted to be Nene. I belonged to the official team of the national team and was on the field on May 2, 1992 when Mexico beat us 1-4 to USA 1994; It was my birthday, but it was a sad day for me, I told myself that one day I would take revenge and four years later, when we first beat them at Morazán, Caesar was with me. It seemed inconceivable to me that he played with him, looked at him and did not even want to distinguish him because of his admiration for him. Brothers are so great.

Was Amadou really a candidate to lead Motagua?

Honestly, there wasn’t even a bit of a closeness. I had no approach from any manager, no call or message. I wasn’t even close to directing Motagua. If they called me, I would analyze it, see the idea that came to me and see the project, but the truth is, there wasn’t that approach that many thought. I don’t think I was even an option.

Will you accept the position in the future?

For my part, if it ever happens, it should be expected. I’m ready, I’ve been three years as Jorge Luis Pinto’s assistant in the national team and one year as coach in Puerto Rico, along with everything I’ve prepared during this time. I leave my future in God’s hands, and for my part I must continue to prepare.

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