She will be Alejandro de la Madrid, the actor who won Aresli Arambula and her new boyfriend.

Arasli Aramula She is one of the most popular actresses in the middle of the show and is well-liked by the public in Mexico. After separating from the father of her children, Luis Miguel‘la Chule’ had some love affairs, as it were Alexander of MadridHis partner and co-star of the series ‘rebellion‘Who really is won The heart of the beautiful actress will be his new one boyfriend.

some time ago, Arasli Aramula Her more than 6.4 million followers were treated to a photo with her new “husband,” via a post. Alexander of Madrid He is the screen sharing actor in the seriesrebellion‘. There was a lot of excitement for his fans, however, and it was a New Love this series because it will be his partner in fiction. However, it now appears that he won four awards Your worldHe finds himself with a new romantic illusion because everything points to it Alejandro de la Madrid wins your heart.

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