The last four changes in the Bukele Cabinet of Ministers

The last four changes in the Bukele Cabinet of Ministers

Among the new officials is Juan Carlos Bedigan as the new Minister of the Interior, the son of the current Minister of Education.

At least four new government officials were known to be appointed this Wednesday to replace positions in some government portfolios.

In the afternoon, President Neb Bukele swore the new Home Minister, Juan Carlos Bidigan, who is also the son of the head of education, Carla Hanania de Varela, and El Diario de Hoy verified with official documents.

Bukele mentioned through his Twitter account that Bedigen has been part of his government since its inception, “He has worked as a director in the Deputy Ministry of Transport, and from September 2020 until now, he has coordinated the logistics of PES from the Ministry of Health, SEM” and the multidisciplinary epidemiological containment team.

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Bedigan will take over from Mario Duran, who heads that institution and who within a few weeks will take over as mayor of San Salvador after winning the election last February.

Juan Carlos Bedigen Hanania, son of the current Minister of Education, will be the new Head of the Interior. Image courtesy: Twitter account: nayibbukele

Earlier it was known that Pablo Unleker was removed from the position of Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG). Although the announcement of his dismissal was not official by the executive, Anliker has already withdrawn his position from his Twitter account.

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Replaced by David Martinez, a veterinarian graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, who worked at CENTA and was also the Director General of Livestock at MAG.

David Martinez is the new Agriculture Minister. Conan Castro was sworn in as legal secretary of the Presidency. Non-commercial illustration /

The changes to the cabinet take place a few days after the list of corrupt Central America, among them many Salvadoran officials, is known.

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Rolando Brizuela will also take over the position of Supervisor of the Financial System (SSF), as confirmed by government sources to El Faro newspaper.

Brizuela will fill the position left by Hector Gustavo Filatoro, who was sworn in on March 26 as the new Minister of Justice and Security, replacing Rogelio Rivas.

Buckily emphasized that the change in the Ministry of Security was due to a “new vision” in fighting crime. Photo: Courtesy of the Presidency Press Secretary

Rivas had directed that portfolio of state since Neb took office as vice president on June 1, 2019. The president did not explain why Rivas had left.

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In the afternoon, Bukele also announced another change: the creation of the National Directorate of Municipal Works with GOES funds, which “will be responsible for approving projects requested by mayors,” he explained.

Responsible for this trend will be Alvaro Auburn, the current director of FOVIAL.

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While working as the new director of FOVIAL, Bukele confirmed Alexander Ernesto Beltran, who was the Director of Construction and Maintenance of Public Works at the Ministry of Planning.

Alexander Ernesto Beltran, New Director of FOVIAL. Photo: Courtesy nayibbukele

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