The reason why Alexis Vega continued to register with Chivas

The reason why Alexis Vega continued to register with Chivas

The rojiblanco striker is looking for a personal brand that can increase his connections in search of positioning himself abroad.

Alexis Vega goes for her own recording
© picture 7Alexis Vega goes for her own recording

Alexis Vega was the best offensive reference for Chivas de Guadalajara So far in Clausura 2022, not only because of the five goals supporting his performance, but also because He interfered with every attack from Ricardo Cadena’s team, For this reason, he is on the verge of breaking his best, which was not with the red and white jersey, but when he played in Toluca.

Gru scored five goals in this campaign thanks to the stable process What have you achieved Despite the Holy Squadron’s problems since Marcelo Linio However, the striker stands out for his brilliant game and strength that was a nuisance to opponents’ defenses, without playing in the position of a natural striker.

in this way, Vega is looking for his best mark as a striker in terms of goals scored, who has already passed With Chivas shirt, because he scored four goals in Clausura 2019 Since then, this contest has been the most productive since arriving at Perla Tapatia in December 2018.

What brand is Alexis Vega striving to conquer?

Vega arrived in Guadalajara from Toluca after having his best championship in Aperrura 2018, As he managed to break through the enemy’s nets six times, it sparked interest Leading the rojiblanca that she got for six million dollars from the Mexican national team.

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Now he has two more matches left Gunner to match or even defeat his best, despite his progress to Liguilla The list of games will be bigger and with it the odds of delivering their best tournament in terms of goals scored. Through which you will increase your rewards so that the herd fulfills your requests Persuading him to sign the renewal or abroad has drawn more interest from some clubs.

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