The state of siege continues in health centers in the city of Jaen | Radio Jian

The state of siege continues in health centers in the city of Jaen |  Radio Jian

The continuation of the state of siege in health centers in Jaén. This was denounced by PSOE Jaén, criticizing that the Andalusian Military Council imposes telephone appointments, face-to-face appointments within 14 days and even the complete impossibility of scheduling an appointment. To make matters worse, Jaen Socialist parliamentarian Mercedes Gámez adds to the sad equation that at Salud Responde he “brings up a machine that, after entertaining the user for several minutes by entering personal data, ends up saying the administration can’t do it and they will send a message”.

For James, “This is a disgrace, an insult and a joke. They laugh at the citizens. The council has lied for the second time, as the situation in the health centers has not changed and we continue without being able to let the doctor see us. Meanwhile, the council and health delegates in Jaén are still missing without Give one explanation for this deliberate collapse of public health.”

The Socialist Parliamentarian again calls on the People’s Party to “stop the deterioration of primary care and allocate all necessary resources so that health centers can return to care as they have always been. Patients are stuck in the maze of hell so that they can look at their health center and eventually be forced to go to the emergency room.” or private advice.

He questions the Andalusian junta “whether it will be able to plan a campaign of vaccination against influenza, because the health unions themselves are asking them to keep the reserve professionals to make the two vaccinations compatible.” Finally, Jamez refers to “last year” many health centers in the province suffered from a shortage of influenza vaccines, which is something we have not seen before, so we ask the Andalusian government to clarify whether there will be specialists and sufficient doses in this campaign.”

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