Geographical sciences are promoted by the Spanish Association of Geography and Esri Spain – Newspaper Publicity

Geographical sciences are promoted by the Spanish Association of Geography and Esri Spain – Newspaper Publicity

Esri SpainAnd the company in the intelligence of the site and Spanish Association of Geography (AGE)they renewed their cooperation agreement to Promotion of Spanish geography And its applications in the public sector, business, and research, as well as publicizing it in society. In this way, the agreement will establish guidelines for cooperation between both entities, and lay the foundations for the development of specific projects whose purpose is to exchange, manage, display or disseminate geographical information and knowledge.

Among other aspects, the agreement provides for Esri Spain’s participation in Teacher training course from yearly age regulationAs well as at the general conferences of the Assembly. In parallel, Esri Spain will facilitate AGE’s participation in annual conferenceThe biggest professional event in location intelligenceGIS and Geographical Technology held annually in Europe.

On the other hand, Esri Spain It will sponsor biennial conferenceszed by the AGE Geoinformatics Technologies Working Group and will collaborate with the Geography Education Working Group to improve geographic knowledge in Spanish society, through various activities, such as developing MOOC (Open Online Courses) or publishing training materials. The company will also conduct a specific annual online training course to improve the digital skills of AGE Partners.

Finally, AGE will participate in disaster response programAnd the Program (DRP)and encourages the participation of its affiliates in the program Esri GeoMentors A network of highly experienced volunteers in geographic technology that helps teachers use geographic information technology in schools, thus promoting the digitization of the education sector. GeoMentors They are faculty members (University level, secondary education, vocational teaching) or vocational with training in the use of geotechnology that, voluntarily, helps teachers or other students learn to use geotechnology tools, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), during studying semesters. Thus, GeoMentors have the opportunity to work with schools and colleges to help teachers use smart maps and enrich their classrooms with the latest technology.

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