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How badly should a government act before losing important popular support? This is an interesting question at any given time, most relevant to the UK by 2020, and Sir Kair Stormer is more German than ever before using the last PMQs of 2020 with a hammer. Boris Johnson Regarding deficiencies in dealing with infection.

It was one of Stormer’s best performances for a while, and he kept the case clear and compelling. As he said at one point:

This is not unfortunate, it is not inevitable, it is the result of the Prime Minister’s choices. But if the Prime Minister does not agree with me, why does he think that Britain, the 6th richest country in the world with all of our brilliant scientists and all of the amazing NHS, will end this year with one of the highest number of Govt deaths? Europe, with more than 64,000 people – each leaving a grieving family – the deepest recession of any major economy?

When Johnson tried to say that the government had a strategy in place, Stormer downplayed some of his facts. “Infections are on the rise in three-quarters of the four-tier two-quarters. More than half of the three-tier infections are on the rise.

Johnson has different answers, some better than others, but none of them are particularly credible. Responding to Stormer’s initial question, he said he was following the advice of scientists at the onset of the epidemic (which is widely true, and should have followed the question of why he did not do so now). He spoke proudly of the success of the UK in medical success. “Probably [Starmer] Can you tell me why the UK was the first country to develop a viable treatment for the corona virus in the form of dexamethasone, or the first country in the world to develop a clinically tested three-phase vaccine? “He was a strongman when he criticized Stormer for attacking the planned rules for Christmas and was not prepared to say what he would argue as an alternative. But Johnson also criticized the opposition for not getting enough support, which is usually the last line of defense when others fail.

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All of these were relatively familiar, and since these are probably the last PMQs of 2020, it is worth asking whether it is difficult to defend his record electronically damaging Johnson. If there are any polls, the answer is – only up to a point. Statistics from here Ipsos Mori December Political Oversight Shows Johnson’s satisfaction ratings compared to other prime ministers.

Satisfaction ratings of prime ministers

Prime Minister’s Satisfaction Ratings Photo: Ipsos Mori

Johnson’s position has fallen a lot this year, but it’s been taken recently (perhaps due to news of the vaccine, perhaps 10 less inactive since Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain left) and no epidemic has damaged the government as much as Black Wednesday banned John Major.

This begs the question of why. There is a traditional view of electoral politics, which will reward well-governed administrations, and reward those who do not vote, but increasingly those who study these things have decided how it will not work. In Democracy for realists, Concludes one of Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels’ best studies on the subject:

The primary implication of our analysis of past voting is that the election results are often irregular reflections of the current discriminatory balance of faith in a given political system … Elections are capricious collective decisions based on observations from a folk perspective. Theory [the idea that elections are about rewarding performance], Should often be irrelevant.

This would explain why Stormer has made relatively low profits in the poll, despite spending the best part of the epidemic exposing Johnson’s management failures so effectively. So what else can he do? His best moment PMQs He arrived when he was armed with Dominic Cummings.

Dominic Cummings has been offered a minimum wage increase of 40,000, while the prime minister and the chancellor say the Armed Forces, police officers, maintenance personnel and firefighters will receive a pay freeze. How on earth does the Prime Minister justify it?

This is where Johnson appeared to be the most vulnerable. Stormer has not always seemed comfortable with customized, aggressive soil tillage, but Tony Blair used the slice mercilessly against John Major (who ran a relatively honest and decent administration by today’s standards), and this could pave the way for Stormer in 2021.

For Johnson? He promised 2020 at the beginning of 2020.This is a wonderful year for Britain. “ He concluded his exchange with Stormer about 2021. It’s easy to make fun of, but enthusiasm and confidence are a big part of making him popular among voters, and in 12 months he will make even more luxurious promises for 2022.

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