U.S. intelligence has not found any evidence that the UFOs were discovered by foreign technology, but it has not ruled it out.

U.S. intelligence has not found any evidence that the UFOs were discovered by foreign technology, but it has not ruled it out.

There is no evidence that the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) seen by U.S. Air Force pilots over the past few years are alien spacecraft.. U.S. intelligence officials confirmed this, however, but no explanation was available for the incident.

The report concludes that no advanced technology produced by the United States is behind the scenes. This eliminates the possibility that what the pilots saw was part of some covert US plan.

Next June 25, The US Congress will receive a classified and expanded version of the intelligence report, which will reveal other results. And one of the issues that makes up the debate is the lack of any certainty about UFOs, the evidence that can tell what they are. For this reason, it has been reported that they were not rejected as extraterrestrial spacecraft The New York Times.

Former US presidents have also taken part in the debate Barack Obama Who commented on the matter on the show Late Late Show with James Gordon And CBS.

“It’s true, I’m really serious here,” Obama said.There are pictures and records of objects in the sky, we do not know what they are”.

As the report clarifies, experts are unable to explain the behavior of the observed events: Its acceleration, as well as the ability to change direction and dive. However, U.S. intelligence has not ruled out the possibility that some of the UFOs could be test technology from Russia or China.

The Navy confirmed the authenticity of the video found by the UFOs

In fact, the intelligence services and the US military are concerned that China or Russia could test hypersonic technology at speeds in excess of 6,000 kilometers per hour.

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Moscow, for example, is known to be investing heavily in hypersonics, believing the technology has the potential to bypass US missile defense. For its part, Beijing has also developed hypersonic weapons and displayed them in military parades.

One possible explanation is that the events are weather balloons or other devices used in research, although this theory is not present in all cases, officials said.

In April, Department of Defense of the United States Confirmed it Photos and videos leaked to magazines They were taken in 2019, where some UFOs are found, Son Systematic.

Members of the Navy were able to catch objects in the form Triangle moving back and forth between incandescent lights and clouds, Ann Photos and videos, Announced Pentagon spokesman Sue Koff, In a statement CNN. Three objects are observed, One in the form of a sphere, the other in the form of an “acorn” and the last being classified as a “metal aerial”.

A Pentagon spokesman said the Department of Defense had not publicly discussed maintaining security and avoiding the release of information that could be useful to enemies.

“As we have stated before, the DOT (Department of Defense) does not publicly discuss the details of infiltration observations or experiments reported in our fields to maintain the security of operations and to avoid the release of information that could be useful to potential adversaries. Training or designated aerospace, including those infiltrations.” Dijo Koff.

The sea In 2019, he said, “there have been many reports of unauthorized and / or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled areas and designated airspace in recent years.” In 2020, the Pentagon released three videos showing unidentified aerial events. Clips from the United States Navy had previously confirmed that they were genuine.

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Ordered on America’s spy systems Uncategorized reports on UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomenon) will be submitted to Congress in June.

On the other hand, Chris Hotfield, Former pilot of the Royal Canadian Air Force, former commander of the U.S. Navy and International Space StationHe said in a recent interview CBC Radio What Judging every UFO view with a brilliant alien life form is “absolute nonsense.”

The famous astronaut shared it Recent discussions surrounding the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and UAP (Unidentified Aerial Event) report – For its acronym in English – It is due to be presented to the US Congress next month by the country’s intelligence agencies.

According to Hotfield, it is unreasonable to think that life exists in other parts of the universe, viz An idea is not only credible but also very interesting for discussion because it raises important questions about the responsibility that human beings have when confronted with an invention, But you should not be carried away by the paranoia that points to evidence everywhere.

“Obviously, I have seen countless things in the sky that I do not understand. But seeing something in the sky that you do not understand, and immediately deciding that it is a brilliant life from another solar system, is the height of stupidity and irrationality. “, He pointed out.

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