Baby Aguilar and his unknown wife announce happy news

Baby Aguilar and his unknown wife announce happy news

It is undoubtedly one of the most important pillars of life Baby Aguilar Besides his children, she is his wife Aneliz Alvarez’s photo who has been married to the talented Mexican artist since 1997. From this relationship emerged three children who clearly followed their father’s footsteps in the art world. We are talking about AngelaAnd Leonardo And episode.

for this part, Aneliz Alvarez’s photo She is very far from the flash and media life because her work is behind the camera. Above all, it is about accompanying and supporting her children and husband in various parties and events. Currently a wife Baby Aguilar She is dedicated to organizing events for her family and presenting the agenda for them. However every time it appears in your profile on your official account Instagram He takes all the sighs from his followers because he has such an amazing beauty. This obviously passed on to his daughters episode And Angela Especially with someone who has a large physical resemblance.


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