Best Under-22 Games of the Week – Basketball District

Best Under-22 Games of the Week – Basketball District

After a few weeks with some groups playing while others recover from postponed matches, finally there has been a day in most of them, thus, our classic review is now back for the best performing EBA League U22 players.

Group A.

Group AA

Baskonia affiliate’s victory over Logrobasket, with a great match, deserved one more, from Sir Sissoko (04/31 points, 5 replays).

New Mondragon Unibertsitatea victory over Goierri, with Andoni Attex (99) Another double adding (12 points, 12 seconds).

AB Group

The result of the NBA in El Plantio, where the Nissan Grupo de Santiago fell to the Pas Pelagos after an extension. Alberto Alonso (01/20 points, 7 points) And the David Greenberg (03/15 points, 14 seconds), Featured.

A good win for the Conpor Pezana over Ufa, with Pedro de Harrow (’02) Scoring 19 points in just 21 minutes.

AC group

Reappear for the first time, and in whatever way, Djorgiji Marinovic (01) With Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada – Teaching and Contribution 17 points and 5 rebounds To bend Porino.

KFC Culleredo couldn’t with Gijón Basket de Noval and López, however Pau Gonzalez (’02) Follow his goals and score 19 points.

Basket Leon stormed Santo Domingo Petanzos’s court Suleiman Traore (’02/7 points, 10), Which continues to crystallize.

Lugo Leyma Natura’s students fail to start, which falls on Xiria though 18 points (Irregular shooting proportions) from Matteo Sanchez (99).

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Group B.

Bachelor group

A good victory for Movistar Estudiantes B over Congero in a match marked by the return of Hector Alderet. Party they joined Gilad Levy (02/15 points, 9 replays) And the Pablo Suarez (99/25 points, 2S).

Group C.

Group C1

Torreforta M. Nacho Condes (01/13 points, 12 seconds) He was about to defeat Anagan Olivar, led by the Dane Gustav Knudsen (’03 / 17 points, 8 replays), Well supported Daniel Ergül (03/16 points).

Group C2

Wonderful game Albert Pryor (99/28 points, 11 seconds), Although not enough for UE Sant Cugat to beat El Olivar.

Baricentro Barberà defeated Alfindén minimum and had a lot to do with it Marty Opiols (’02)Who added 24 points and 6 assists.

Group C5

Joventut Badalona B defeated AE Badalonés in the local derby with contributions from Miguel Allen (3/18 points, 6 replays).

Group D.

DA group

Colegio El Pinar performed his test against Unicaja Andalucía de Pierre Sene (03)Who achieved 17 points and 13 rebounds.

DB Group

Huelva Comercio fought the duel in the upper zone against Sagrado Corazón Lithium Iberia and was unbeaten. It was amazing Alvaro Garcia Coyles (’00 / 24 points) Before the Extremadura team they excelled in Adrián Parra (’99 / 17 points, 5 replays) And the Vicente Jarrillo (’00 / 17 points, 8 points).

Juan Jose Morales (’00) Completion 15 points In a difficult CBSFDO loss to Peñarroya.

Group e

EA Group

Complete a Valencia BCB match against Innovaciones Constructivas Quesada NBTorrent de Alejandro Terrades (01/15 points). On the part of ACB subsidiary, Juan Herezuelo (’00 / 15 points)And the Alejandro Belfer (’02 / 15 points) The superlative Milan Jimenez (’02 / 28 points, 9 replays, 5 like).

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The EB group

The narrow victory of La Nucía UA Fundación Lucentum over Eset Ontinet was based on the work of Guilem Arcos (’00/28 point, 7 replay)Orphan Arturo Fernandez (now in silver).

UCAM Murcia CB B dropped in front of Alginet though 17 points From Esma Corralisa (’00).

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