Guide on the development of Android mobile apps

Guide on the development of Android mobile apps

Mobile applications have already dominated a number of sectors. Despite the fact that it is not a new thing, mobile app development becomes more popular with each year. The reasons are multiple and quite understandable. Firstly, mobile apps enable quick 24/7 access to the required services and goods. Secondly, Covid-19 has shown us that it is much better to make operations online and avoid public places. This article will be devoted to the development of Android apps. This information will be beneficial for both business owners and people working in the IT sector.

What you should know about Android developers 

If you are going to hire android app programmer, make sure you understand what knowledge a perfect candidate must have. There is no doubt that specialized knowledge is extremely important in app development. However, a good Android specialist has to master a lot of things additionally.  It is essential to master Java and Kotlin programming languages. What’s more, a person has to know the latest update of the languages and their tools. 

 The knowledge of structured markup language XML is another beneficial bonus. It is used for the development of layouts in applications. Android Studio is also worth learning. It serves as a basis for further manuals. The chosen expert must also know how the databases work. This knowledge is vital for processing vast data flows.

 UI/UX design is another crucial point. It is the first thing users pay attention to. If you are currently looking for a person who can build appealing UI, visit Remember that the interface should be easy to use and understand. Otherwise, customers will switch to your competitors. Apart from the technical knowledge the candidate has to keep abreast of the times and monitor all new trends and tendencies. It will help to boost the functionality of future Android apps. 

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The advantages of Android app development 

As you know, there are different types of mobile applications. There are cross-platform and one-platform mobile products. The last ones can be built for iOS and Android. Below we will consider some of the greatest advantages of Android app development. 

    1. Low cost

If you are thinking about starting a career as an app developer and don’t have a great sum of money, Android is a great option. It is explained by the fact that you can develop Android products with the help of any computer. 

The community of Android platform enthusiasts is quite wide and loyal. You can always count on support, advice and all possible assistance, which is important for beginners.

    2. Field of knowledge application

Java is the most frequently used language for Android app development. The main advantage of this language is that it can be applied for a range of purposes. It means that if you have learned Java but didn’t like app development, you can use your knowledge in another field. 

    3. Application hosting cost

To list your mobile application in a PlayMarket you have to pay. If we are talking about iOS products and AppStore, it will cost you $100 per year for one program. And in the Google Play Market, you pay $25 once upon registration. That’s all. No additional payments. 

    4. Flexible solution 

You should understand that Android apps are built not only for mobile phones. You can also develop a program for smart watch, Smart TV, VR or any other interesting project.

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    5. Rich sources

The majority of the Android code is an open one. You can download it on any device. Thanks to easy and convenient access to the code you can analyse how it works from the inside. The code itself isn’t complicated and is split into modules. In such a way, if the end code doesn’t work, it will be easy to find the bug and solve it.

    6. Large audience 

According to the latest investigations, there are 85% of Android users worldwide. It is somewhat near 2 billion people. It means that all these people need mobile apps for satisfying their demands and requirements. This fact is a great argument in favour of Android app development. 

    7. Interactive development process 

Interactivity may be the most attractive thing about Android development. By writing just a few lines of code, you will already see the result on the smartphone in your hands. Even as an experienced Android developer, the feeling of tangibility of what you do will not leave you

Final thoughts 

Android app development represents a world of opportunities. Mobile apps are beneficial for both clients and business owners. When compared with the iOS products the Android ones have larger audience, but more appealing cost. The final decision rests upon you, but Android products are definitely worth thinking about. 

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