Kim Kardashian starts deleting photos from Instagram!

Kim Kardashian starts deleting photos from Instagram!

Famous social media celebrities for a few days Kim Kardashian Once again he is embroiled in a scandal, this time he talks about splitting with the rapper and father of his four children Kanye West, With whom he has been married since 2014.

The news began to spread quickly Trend This type of event, especially on Twitter, usually triggers many comments in the short term, not yet Kim Kardashian Since her husband, they have shared news related to their marital status.

There is a lot of speculation about the split that seems to have occurred since December, because it does not appear as you remember in the photos he shared to celebrate Christmas Kanye WestThe two are said to have spent feasts in separate places, he was next to his family and a rapper on his farm in Wyoming.

The handsome celebrity shared a photo a few days ago, from which it can be seen again on his Instagram, it is said that it appeared without his wedding ring, but he was wearing his wedding ring, the reason is unknown why he did this, although it is obvious, he posted his new skims line The advertised image continues on his Twitter account.

According to rumors surrounding the couple, it is said to be hers Kim Kardashian The man who decided to ask the rapper for a divorce did not speak on social networks despite the fact that he reacted immediately to any conflict.

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The most talked about thing on social media is that Kaylee West cheated on Kylie Jenner’s older sister Jeffrey Starr He is a social media star and a model, makeup artist, singer, businessman, YouTuber and American pop singer, yes he is a man.

Of course, the rumors between the West and the star remained the same because no evidence to the contrary was shown, on the contrary, they were linked to a third party, which had nothing to do with the matter.

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Jeffrey Starr recently shared on his Instagram story Wyoming Recording, which caught the attention of his followers and couple, it seems that the makeup artist will start a video, all that happened there or at least his opinion on the matter as he did on several occasions.

From the moment Kanye West decided to run for the presidency of the United States, their relationship began to deteriorate and the couple is said to have no longer lived together since September, when the rapper appeared only on his birthday Kim and Halloween, but it immediately retired.

Others claim that Kanye West did not feel well with the family Kim Kardashian For this reason he decided not to return to live in California, and so far no one involved has talked about it, and according to Kim, it seems he is getting a little more attention based on the publications he shares.

On the other hand, the social, business woman, model and Instagram star says she focuses on her children North, Cinco, Psalm and Saint, and continues her studies as a lawyer, avoiding her career as a lawyer, as her father Robert Kardashian was.

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