Mayor Romero intervened in the public space area | Susana Pontosi left the board to take office

Mayor Romero intervened in the public space area |  Susana Pontosi left the board to take office

distance Summary of all public places inspectors Through the municipal attorney, on suspicion of serious wrongdoing helped to lose control of downtown, and After Vicente Cordero resigned as undersecretary, Mayor Bettina Romero decided to intervene in the oversight body and appointed renovation advisor Susana Pontosi.

Yesterday morning, the mayor unexpectedly appointed Pontosi to his post, who will try to rearrange the municipal district that is today under investigation for alleged administrative irregularities. Romero based the election of the mayor on the fact that she is a “historic leader who knows the city and has the power to bring peace of mind to neighbors in this arrangement.”

In a conversation with Salta/12, the counsellor, who He will be replaced by Oscar “Taleiro” Blanco That he will complete the term of a little over a month that the mayor left, he said so The intervention comes from the mayor’s political decision to “order the restoration of the management of public space”, And to maintain that over time, “you have to make strong decisions that are going in that direction.”

He explained that the intervention, which did not set deadlines, would be in order to organize the public space internally “and continue to control, because it cannot be stopped” despite the lack of inspectors due to the internal summary that is already being investigated by the deputy. Lawyer Ramiro Angulo.

The official explained that Certain ordinances must be corrected ‘so that they are perfectly clear’ He explained that the entire administrative procedures were as transparent as possible, and “and that there was nothing left as subjective as issuing permits out of friendship.”

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To do this, he said that they are already studying each of the ordinances to amend them. But he asserted that it was not possible “on the pretext of people’s need, which is understandable, to allow things that were not possible”, and held that It was impossible to keep the pedestrian streets and “take” the Parque San Martin as they were even two weeks ago“Because that harms official trade, tourism, and the neighbor who wants to walk in the street.”

Pontosi explained that not all of the Secretariat’s staff are the summaries “there are many who know the area and are committed to the city of Salta” and therefore “must be employed”. But he stressed that “clear rules are needed from within, because if they are not the same for compliance or non-compliance with the rules,” which asked the public prosecutor to identify those who committed improper acts and impose model penalties on those. who have done nothing illegal to resume their work.

Based on complaints of wrongdoing in the sector, the municipal executive has chosen to assign personnel to these positions from the Municipal Revenue Agency, Consumer Defense, Urban Preventores, and other areas such as the Government Secretariat.

New rallies

In connection with the march with the blockade of the streets carried out by the Manteros Unidos sector yesterday, They demand the reoccupation of pedestrians during the closing hours of the shop Empowerment, arguing that the places designated by the municipality such as the squares of Italy and France, are not profitable for them. The new public space auditor agreed to sell more in those areas, but reiterated the idea of ​​preserving the liberated area, “We want a city where one can walk quietly.”

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As a way out of the economic crisis that pushes these families to sell in the streets due to the lack of job opportunities, he pointed out thatThere are also regulatory projects that seek to simplify qualifications for companies with an area of ​​less than 100 square meters “Which will allow some to trade in their homes or in small shops.”

Another line that is being promoted through the economic development entity is microcredit “So they can do some activity.” “But we cannot allow them to continue there and threaten that they will not leave the pedestrians or the park.”He affirmed emphatically, adding that those in France and Italy are only doing so temporarily and in the short term.

“No matter how big the rally is, there are issues that go against the regulations and they can’t be”He said, although he made it clear that the municipality will seek to facilitate and expedite all procedures until it seeks to “legalize” or go to the neighborhood fairs “and not before.”

Regarding the complaints made by some street vendors who marched yesterday under the slogan “Reclaiming our workplace is right”, and making sure that the new inspectors They confiscate the goods and even the money they collect without even taking a minute Then they lose what little they had to sell and take it home. Pontosi also explained that new regulations are being studied so that these controls are “better and clearer”.

add that A draft of his authorship showing how to carry out the expropriation has been submitted to the Board of Deliberations, “so that they have (for manteros) a record of what and when it is captured.”

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