She’s ‘Nervous’ about Daughter Amelia Hamlin Dating Scott Disick RHOBH

The relationship with her much older beau, Scott Disick, opens up with Lisa rinna about daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin. Lisa offered her opinions on the Love Life of her younger daughter in the passenger car of coastal automobile Erika Girardi during the Wednesday edition of The Real Housewives from Beverly Hills. “We can also talk about my daughter on another note, who’s connected with a person named Scott Disick,” she started. “And I’ve been like, ‘Okay, come on, okay? How come?’ Come on.”

Lisa rinna

 Erika, 49, told the news of Lisa’s new connection as she “gleaned” reading papers chronicling her dramatic divorce fight with Tom Girardi. Lisa explained that she is as startled by the news as Erika because Amelia, 20, told her they were “just friends.” She stated they were “just friends.” Amelia said that she would spend Halloween with Scott in a FaceTime flashback between Lisa and her daughter.

 “And then, a few days ago, I suppose, Amelia sent me a beach video with Amelia and Scott,” remarked Lisa, 57, while Erika was chiming, “The image I saw was that. So, something is there to it?” Not so pleased, Lisa confessed that nothing had happened with the Kardashian alum between Amelia and the Keeping Up. The founder of Rinna Beauty described the connection between the couple, “And he added: “She is 19, he is thirty-seven with three children, what the moment f—-.” Hello!”

 “I know that only Scott Disick of Kardashian and Scott was not married to Kourtney. Three kids have, “She said. – She said. “Oh, Oh, Christ!” Never miss an article – sign up for the free every day newsletter of PEOPLE to keep up to date with everything PEOPLE can offer, from juicy celebrity news to riveting tales of human interest. Erika confessed she was “a bit concerned” about the relationship between Amelia and Scott. Lisa said she was “very nervous” about the scenario.

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 “You can’t do anything. The more you press, the greater the deal. Is Harry in favor?” Erika requested that Lisa answer, “Yeah, he does. Yeah, he does. You know, when she was 44, and he was 28, Harry was with Ursula [Andress].” Lisa stated that Harry was “more relaxed” on it while she felt a little more nervous. Lisa noted in a rebuke, “Amelia has been fighting in the press, but now it’s a new headline. “Nobody speaks any more about eating disorders, and, thank God, you know what. I’m like ‘Good,’ as a mother. This gives her a different title to handle.”

 Lisa spoke to Erika and stated it probably was a ‘period’ for Amelia and Scott, so she “would not like to make it clear.” Lisa also revealed that she had heard nothing about the flowering relationship from members of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

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