The start will be over again: How do the Uruguay semi-finalists prepare? Celebration – 04/02/2021

The start will be over again: How do the Uruguay semi-finalists prepare?  Celebration – 04/02/2021

The wait time is over. The Basketball He will return to the scene after another hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic Uruguay League resumption It will be with the third points from the playoffs.

The chain in between the National s water s Truffle s Urundi University They are 1-1 and on Tuesday 9 February, two of these four teams will benefit in the keys to the five best matches.

Next Tuesday, a month and a week have passed since then, November 27, 2020, the day when government authorities decided to stop the championship track due to the significant increase in cases of Coronavirus in Uruguay.

Since then, uncertainty has dominated the environment, however Uruguayan Basketball Federation (FUBB), Always deal with alternatives and in constant conversations with National Sports Secretariat (SND) and the participating clubs, have looked for a way for the association to define it.

Perhaps the teams’ sporting moment is not the best today: the impossibility of playing friendly matches, foreigners who went to their countries and returned a few days ago to Montevideo Training is restricted to the health protocol that must be followed.

But the orange bites again at the local concert and the tournament that has lasted longer than expected appears to be heading towards definition.

Aguada, Nacional, Truvel and Eurondy Universitario crouched on the podium to begin playing, under equal conditions, for a ticket to the Grand Final.

It will be a new start for basketball in Uruguay, but with the spice of being in decisive situations at a difficult time for the entire country.

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The role

Tuesday is the important day

The qualifiers for the 2019-2020 Uruguayan Basketball League will return to Antel Arena on Tuesday. In the early hours of 19:15, Trouville (1) and Eurondy Universitario (1) will face each other in the third match of the series. The Prado players won the first match 86-72 and those of Pocitus II by 99-90, and the other match will begin at 9:15 pm, and will include Nacional (1) and Aguada (1). After the tricolor remained with the first match, aguateros won the second after a FUBB referee against Albus.

the National

A review of game systems

Leonardo Zilpersstein, coach of Nacional.  Photo: El País Archive.

Leonardo Zilberssten, Coach the National, speak with Kindness He said, “In general, we are in good health and the most important thing today is to be in good health. We do not have expectations because we could not play friendly matches, but this is the same for everyone and I think we have arrived in a good way and are working day after day to develop systems.”
“As far as the team, I see it good but the fact that we don’t play against the other teams gives us some uncertainty because we had no argument to be able to assess where we are better or worse, but conditions are this way and they are the same for everyone. I think we have arrived. In a good way and the players at their ideal weight, “added the tri-color coach who closed, saying,” We still have a few days to work on all Agada’s systems and improve our attack. The defensive bases, and from this point of view we will reach what is good. ”


The goal is to make up for the lack of basketball

Adrián Capelli in Aguada

Adrian Cappelli Manifested for Kindness: “We got well, but by little Basketball. The aliens run a little and we try to reintegrate them into the team. I hope we will arrive by Tuesday in the best way possible, but I insist that those of us who have been here have worked hard to be in the best of conditions. “
“Of course we are not sure because we haven’t played for a long time but we did very well while on hiatus. The goal with the aliens was to try to get them back into the team.” Dwayne Davis s Al ThorntonWhich we merged yesterday. So the idea is that they are trying to settle down again, waiting for Tuesday to be able to arrive in the best way. ”


The pleasure of being in critical situations

Truffle.  Photo:

German FernandezTechnical Truffle, Tell Kindness: “The idea is to arrive in the best possible way and that is why we are working hard. We were able to receive foreigners about 10 days ago. We are in these cases from a long and exhausting season, but for us it is a pleasure to be here fighting for important things but without a doubt we have doubts. About how to find us because we didn’t have friendly matches. “
“We are working hard to be in the best shape on Tuesday. We are trying these days to bring the foreigners back into the squad, to be physically fit and in good health. We are worried because we have been waiting for weeks to be able to play again,” added the coach. Positus is red Which closed, saying, “Fortunately we were able to receive foreigners about 10 days ago and we have recovered as well.” Alex Lopez Which is a mainstay for us, especially in critical moments when he shows his character and takes important shots, so for us, having a full team in good shape would be an advantage because the intention is to be able to have 10 players and be able to rotate a lot during matches. Because this will be our approach to try to ensure that the team continues to show the way the game brought it to this stage. “

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Urundi University

Happiness is in being in semis, but she wants more

Hector Da Bra at the University of Urundi

Hector Da Bra, Coach Urundi University, Expressed Kindness: “We have reached this stage and they are healthy. We feel lethargic about everything that is already known and this is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage because all the teams are in the same position. We are doing very well as possible and we want to go for something historical like being able to play a final in League“.
Team technician Joaquin Suarez Street He added, “For us, this is a special moment in our campaign because we have reached where no one had thought that we could go, but unfortunately we do not enjoy the joy that we should have because we face a complex situation for all teams, especially for the whole community.”
As for sports, Da bra He pointed out that “in the first phase of the competition, the matter was more intense, and we, as a social club, had many conditions to be able to train as we were unable to allow members and officials to face a complex situation, but we are happy to start this stage with many hopes and we hope that We live up to the occasion to achieve something unprecedented for the club. “

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