They launched Radical Action, the space that seeks to dispute the presidency of the UCR in La Plata to set itself in 2023.

They launched Radical Action, the space that seeks to dispute the presidency of the UCR in La Plata to set itself in 2023.
UCR La Plata مقر headquarters

UCR in La Plata must solve one of the main challenges in the coming months: Election of a new president who can, in addition, make a presentation in what will be the General Assembly for the elections of 2023 To fight the administration of the capital. In this context, they will launch a “radical action”, led space Hugo Armelinoa local leader supports him Federico StoraniAnd the leaders who represent Juan Manuel Casilla s Gustavo BosThe Alfoncinistas and the Independents.

As detailed by Armellino in an interview with Infobae“Radical Action” will officially be born on April 27, when the building – which will also be part of the Karakashov Foundation – is launched and inaugurated on 7th Street 900th.

Hugo Armelino, candidate for president of UCR La Plata
Hugo Armelino, candidate for president of UCR La Plata

“Space aims to create a new majority within the Centennial Party willing to present their candidates at the local level,” the organizers explained. In the same law, the new coordinator of the Karakachof . Foundation will be introduced Marcelo Uriarty Finally, the leaders Federico Storani, Juan Manuel Casilla and Gustavo Bossi will speak.

Marcelo Uriarte, new coordinator of the Karakashov Foundation
Marcelo Uriarte, new coordinator of the Karakashov Foundation

Armelino confirmed, in an interview with this medium, that since then Radical Action seeks to “lead the Radical to represent the needs and dreams of the people of La Plata. The radical will present its own candidate for mayor in PASO who represents the city’s development and progress interests.”

Radical Action consists of the National Opinion Stream led by Federico Storani, leaders representing Juan Manuel Casilla, Gustavo Bos, Alfoncinista and the Independents.

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In the March 2021 elections, Diego Rovilla He took over the presidency of the UCR La Plata with the support of Maximiliano Abad, by imposing himself Paul NicolettiPosse filter. Since then, there has been no public hearing and the local UCR driving schedule is not known.

At the present time, next April 27 will be the closing of affiliations to the Centennial Party, as reported InfobaeFrom October, a date can be set for the completion of the elections. So far, Armelino has declared himself a candidate, and it remains to determine the applicants for Evolución and the ruling party.

Posse effect

The mayor of San Isidro is one of the leaders of the UCR seeking to run for governor of Buenos Aires, which is why he has already begun tours of the province and has added an ally, the mayor of San Cayetano, Miguel Angel Gargaloni. In addition, in the regional assembly, the bloc to which it responded changed its name and became “Open Space – Together” within the ranks of the opposition. They did the same in some deliberative councils.

One of Gustavo Bossi's tours with Martin Lusto
One of Gustavo Bossi’s tours with Martin Lusto

In March last year, he was defeated by Abad in the Buenos Aires UCR internal elections. Bossi toured the county with the national senator Martin LustowAnd call the radical bases with prominent leaders who lead the municipalities and have political activity in the regions.

Bosse is confident that his administration as mayor of San Isidro – which he has been in charge of for 22 years – will be the start of next year’s elections. For this reason, they are not afraid of STEP within Together, as there are already several listed to succeed Axel Kicillof such as Maximiliano Abad (UCR deputy), Diego Santelli, Nestor Grindetti (Lanos); Julio Garro (La Plata) and Jorge Macri (Vicente López), among others.

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