Betting on College Football? Here’s Everything You Should Know!

Betting on College Football? Here’s Everything You Should Know!


College football is the rising star in the sports betting industry, and if you’ve placed a couple of bets on the college teams, then you know why! It’s a great sport to bet on, and you get to see new talents trying to earn their spot in the professional football league.

If you want to sharpen your tools and betting game in the NCAAF, this article covers everything you need to know! 

Stick to the Important Statistics

The numerous statistics and numbers associated when placing college football bets on the NCAAF make it easy to get lost and confused. It might even be devastating for an experienced bettor, where one would have to go through many digits to find an edge.

Understanding what the statistics are saying is essential, but it’s also vital that you know what truly matters when it comes to NCAA football betting. Simple statistics can reveal a lot, such as the defensive and offensive stats, special teams, recent point trends, yards per play, and many more is a great way to look at a team’s overall efficiency.

Create Your Unique Strategy

Have you got the basics of NCAAF gambling and placed your bets? Then, it may be time to devise a strategy now that you’ve got the hang of sports betting. 

There are numerous resources you can use and guides, e.g., college football odds and guides, as well as NCAAF tips and tricks, but when creating a strategy, ensure that it’s unique and what works best for you. It may take time, but be patient!

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Take a Targeted Approach

When betting on the NCAAF, it’s better to take a divide-and-conquer approach with the number of games you’d have to consider. Focus on a specific conference or a few games, all in the same league. 

Have you tried to attempt to take a handle on every game? Have you tried betting on almost all of the games because you thought it would enable you to have a bigger return? If so, then you know how far this assumption is from reality. 

Trying to get a handle on all of the games would lead to unconfused research efforts and just poor decision-making. We want to avoid these things when gambling our hard-earned money.

Don’t Overdo  With Parlays

Parlay bets are when you combine two or more bets together to place one single bet. If you’ve gambled for a while, you may have already experienced getting your bankroll drained, especially when you were a beginner.

There’s no harm in taking moonshots here and there. However, if you go overboard with parlay bets, you may be looking at a massive bankroll drain. 

To avoid the same scenario, place only a few parlay bets. Regardless of a bettor’s expertise level, mistakes are likely to happen in NCAA football betting and other sports betting. On the bright side, you can always take these moments as a learning experience to avoid mistakes.

If you want to minimize losing a considerable portion of your bankroll or emptying it, then you have to be extra mindful when betting so that there wouldn’t be any setbacks that would impede your progress towards your success in college football betting.

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If you’re so adamant that parlay bets are part of your strategy, then ensure that you create a clear budget that lets you enjoy the matches, a distinct game plan, and realistic expectations of the returns. Most people tend to overdo their bets because they set high expectations on returns, especially on their parlay bets.

Prioritize the Returning Talents

As you know, numerous things happen in NCAA football. It’s one of the reasons why numerous people come together to bet on college football teams. Players in the NCAAF would move on to the pro ranks, transfer to another school, or stop playing and move on to other endeavors. 

If you want to get a better clue on which NFL teams would make some noise this upcoming season, it’s advisable to research the returning talents this year, especially those in critical positions like quarterback and both lines.

Analyze the Coaches Too

The coaching staff has a significant influence on the team too! It’s something that most bettors miss, and thankfully, now that you’ve been informed, you can use this information to your advantage. 

The coaches are in charge of leading and telling the team how they should play. They may not be playing on the field, but they’re the minds of a team’s game. Thus, be sure to take enough time to research and gather information on the staff, coordinators, and coaches.

Look up crucial information like their career history, how long they’ve been teaching the team, and if there’s an improvement in a team’s play when the coach enters the scenario. The longevity of a coach’s career in the team is also essential to look out for since it says something when a coach continues to stay after numerous seasons. 

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Of course, a new strong hire with an impeccable coaching level can bring a new taste of spark and improvement in the season. If there’s ever news on new coaches, don’t forget to research this information and make your analysis.

Final Thoughts

You can learn something new every day in NCAA football betting, and this article is a testament to that! Thus, apply what you learned when betting on the upcoming NCAAF season. The key to winning your bets is always to update your knowledge!

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